CES 2018 – NVIDIA Launches GeForce NOW Game-streaming Service PC


At the moment, CES 2018 is taking place, a convention in which the main technology companies take the opportunity to present their new products to others. Nvidia is one of the leading companies in the PC gaming sector. Despite being known for its graphics cards, the Nvidia market goes much further, and, as presented a few hours ago at this technology convention, will start betting on streaming video games with its new GeForce Now product. .

GeForce Now is a new gaming platform developed by Nvidia that seeks to bring the best PC gaming experience to all users who have a mid-range computer without having to make a large outlay on hardware. Broadly speaking, this platform will make use of the cloud to allow all its users to play in streaming to a variety of pre-processed titles in the powerful servers of the company sending users only the final result already processed ready to show on the screen.

As has been known, this service will be compatible with the main video game platforms, including Steam and uPlay, so we can play our games (provided they are in the catalog) of these platforms without having to buy them again.

Hardware will not be essential for games, but a high-speed connection

As we have said, GeForce Now will offer users a platform for streaming games where a remote server will process all the data. Therefore, a user can have a mid-range computer, and even a laptop, and can play any of the available titles on the platform at the highest quality.

Yes, from Nvidia recommend that users have at least a high speed connection of 50 Mbpsto be able to play without problems to titles at 1080p and 60 FPS. The higher the speed of our Internet connection, and the lower our ping, the better we can play the different titles that Nvidia offers us in streaming.

Although currently there are no official prices, throughout the course of the beta users who have played from an Nvidia Shield have paid $ 7.99 a month , although a year ago, when the first rumors began on this platform, the teams that had Dedicated Nvidia graphics paid based on the use they made, which was roughly around $ 25 for about 10-15 hours of use .

For the moment we will have to wait longer to know more details about this platform, such as the final price (which will be either by subscription or by time bonds) as the availability in different countries. For the moment, for the public beta Nvidia has enabled servers in the United States, as well as in France and Germany, although soon we should start to see this platform in other countries.


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