CodeBlock IDE tool
CodeBlock IDE tool

If you want to program in C, C++, and Fortran language, then you need to install an IDE tool on your Linux system for the writing program.

You can install CodeBlocks IDE tool on your Linux operating system.

If you don’t know how to install CodeBlocks IDE tool on your Linux System.  You can follow the below steps for installing the Code Blocks IDE Tool on Linux.

How to install CodeBlocks IDE Toool on Linux via Flatpak

  1. Firstly, You need to open your terminal.
  2. Download your Code Block IDE flatpak from using the below command.  Wait some time until your CodeBlocks Flatpak package is download complete.

    flatpak install –user
  3.  if you have already a CodeBlocks IDE and you want to update with new available version. You can run the below command for updating your current installed program

    flatpak –user update org.codeblocks.codeblocks

  4. If you want to no use longer time or uninstall the CodeBlocks IDE tool.  You need to run the below commands for uninstalling the Code Blocks IDE tool on your Linux system

    flatpak uninstall org.codeblocks.codeblocks

  5. if you want to run the program on your system, then run the below commands for opening the CodeBlocks IDE tool.

    flatpak run org.codeblocks.codeblocks




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