How To Install or Uninstall Kodi On Linux

Kodi is the most popular media center all around the world. You can play your audio and video file by using the Kodi media center.

If you are using the Linux operating system on your system. You want to install Kodi on your Linux system.

But you don’t know how to install Kodi on Linux. You can follow the steps to install Kodi on Linux.

How to install Kodi on Linux via Flatpak

Follow the below steps to install Kodi media center on your Linux system.

  1. Open your system.
  2. You can use the below command to download the Kodi media center and install Kodi on Linux

flatpak install –user

If you want to run Kodi media center program on your Linux system. Use the flatpak run tv.kodi.Kodi command for starting Kodi media center on Linux,

How to update Kodi on Linux

If you have already install Kodi on your Linux system. You want to update Kodi latest version on your Linux system. Follow the below command to update Kodi on Linux.

flatpak –user update tv.kodi.Kodi

How to uninstall Kodi on Linux

If you want no longer use the Kodi media center on your Linux system. You can follow the below command to uninstall the Kodi media center on Linux.

flatpak –user uninstall tv.kodi.Kodi


flatpak uninstall tv.kodi.Kodi

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