3 Reasons Why Gnome Shell Is Better Than Ubuntu’s Unity [Opinion]


  1. Speed

This may come as a surprise to many, but the first point is all about speed. From personal experience, I always found  a Gnome Shell (especially when version 3.2.1 was released) to be faster than  Ubuntu’s unity . Screen Activities in expenses Gnome Shell as fast as the Dash in Ubuntu’s Unity but the dock launcher on the left side of  Ubuntu’s Unity is a bit slow and sluggish. This is particularly evident on my netbook, while Gnome Shell is working. Now that  Ubuntu’s Unity is the default desktop shell for the second version straight Ubuntu, it only got slower.

2. Organization and Design

Organisation and designing office environments is also an important factor in between. Unity attempts more organized, but with lenses, Dash, and different categories to interior dashboard and things quickly become confusing.

Like Gnome Shell, everything is better hidden and organized. You see nothing but the office up to what you will one screen activities, where in you will be presented with favorites interior , open windows, and the different work spaces for each application or task . In view of applications, you get  different categories  for all  list of applications.. It is simple, clean and working. Extras in Ubuntu’s Unity, it have the ability to search your music collection is a good idea, but I find unnecessary. It is as easy to use and  just look around in your Music folder or to open your music player . it is easily find and play your music through it.

3. Unity for Ubuntu Only

ubuntu unity

Although this is  not a major reason but  it is still worth mentioning. For those who do enjoy ubuntu’s unity.  Ubuntu to get this experience. With Gnome Shell, which have not a problem because it is available on any distribution who want move to Gnome 3. The world of Linux that we are experiencing is very well used to be able to put everything in office environment like on their distribution. Linux’s unity is the only desktop environment on all the great players that is specific to a single distribution.


  1. 1) The main reason unity 7 appears slower on netbooks is because of its dependence on Compiz; unity 2d would give you a faster graphical appearance. Unity 7 is actually much faster if you are using the HUD/dash effectively and not relying on the mouse. Unity 8, on the other hand, had been blisteringly fast even in the absence of proprietary drivers.

    2) Agree unity design had many people very upset and jumping ship. Aesthetics often boil down to what you are used to, and the beauty (or lack of it) of a desktop environment’s artistic vision is always going to be in the eye of the beholder.

    3) Unity is open source and versions can exist for other distros, Arch for example (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/unity).

    Ultimately the reason for this blog post appears to be that Gnome fans for some reason want to emphasise the strengths of their DE over a dead one. Makes me think that the dead one should be resurrected.

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