10 errors during the diet. How to avoid them?

Still do not get into your favorite jeans? On the scales the same evidence from day to day? Maybe extra kilos come back as quickly as they go?

Probably the subject of your diet you make one of the following errors. What absolutely can not do dieting – read on.

Resort to strict diets

Suppose you set out to lose weight quickly. What are you doing? You start to strictly limit yourself to food. Your menu consists only of grapefruit and soup of zucchini. The daily amount of calories you consume less than 1,000.

Keep in mind, reducing the number of calories, you slow down metabolism. And after you lose weight and “jumped” from the diet, your body is accustomed to burn calories slowly, with the addition of food in the diet will start to gain weight. Your extra weight will come back.

skip breakfast

Abandoning breakfast, you seem to cut calories. But without breakfast, you very quickly overcome a brutal famine. You will begin to bite with anything at work or waiting for dinner, ate a double portion. Therefore, you are more than make up for the breakfast.

But the breakfast, rich in protein, will allow you to not feel hungry during the day. Studies show that people who do not abandon breakfast, lose weight much easier and faster.

Lose count snacking

Perhaps you think the calories eaten at breakfast, lunch and dinner. What about small snacks throughout the day? The bag of cookies on your desktop, a slice of cake at the party, some ice cream from the horn of your baby … Of all these little things you end up with an impressive number of unaccounted calories.

If we assume to think so – all you ate during the day. Install a special app on your smartphone and take into account every calorie.

Or, conversely, not snacking

Uncontrolled snacking can erase all your achievements in weight reduction. But when snacking with a mind that the desired result will be achieved soon. It is better to eat little and often, rather than just a couple of times a day, but thoroughly.

Snacks been supporting optimal metabolic rate, especially if you eat a high-protein snack: some nuts you not only will not hurt, but on the contrary, will help get rid of excess kilogram.
Rely solely on low-fat products

Low-fat products can play an important role in your diet. Just do not forget that fat – not the same thing as low-calorie: eating a pound obezrirennogo cake, you get more calories than if you would eat a small piece of normal cake.

In order to know how many calories you got from a particular product, review the information on the nutritional value of its packaging.

IGNORE drunk

When counting calories, we often lose sight of drinks. And for good reason. In some types of coffee or alcoholic beverages can contain plenty of calories. And, of course, they are in the juices and lemonade.


This error is corrected easiest. And the need to correct as soon as possible because dehydration leads to a slower metabolism, and hence slow down the loss of excess weight. Drink a glass of water at every meal, even if it is just a light snack. Water is vital for burning calories!

PUT elusive goal

If you set out to lose 7 kilos in the first week of diet, be aware that your plan is doomed to failure. Putting unrealistic goal, you are likely to not even start it moving. The real goal – the first and most important condition for success. When setting goals, consult your dietitian.


Milk, cheese and ice cream with fat pret – this, of course, taboo for someone who wants to lose weight. But just abandon the dairy still not worth it: the body to the active fat burning need calcium. Conversely, lack of calcium accumulate fat quickly. But calcium in the form of dietary supplements are not as useful as that found in milk. Just make your choice on low-fat dairy products, but watch out for calories.

Often happens in fast food

After a hard day you can eat at the diner, especially in fast-food establishments are sold not only burgers, but also salads. But are you able to resist the temptation? And allowing yourself to something harmful, but very tasty, if not return to the same restaurant the next day? From the calories eaten with junk food, get rid of extremely heavy. A harmful food very quickly becomes a habit …


The French magazine “Figaro” has made its list of the “10 mistakes during a diet.” The authors suggest not to force your body and the matter is approached without fanaticism, with the feeling, really, with the arrangement.