10 Things Every Startup Founder (And Employee) Should Know

Startup Business

Do you want to be Startup orself-employed on the Internet? Then you should look at some things that are important for a successful business start-up.

In the following, I present 10 things that online founders have or are likely to have in order to earn money on the Internet and to be permanently successful.

Tips for start-ups on the Internet

Not every self-reliance in the network is the same, and not every founder is the same as the other. However, there are a few basic things that should or should be established for a successful business start-up.

The following list contains 10 things that I can recommend from my experience to every entrepreneur. The list is based on my experiences, but also contains the feedback of other founders. I am looking forward to your feedback and, of course, to your additions.


The starting point of many business start-ups is a special idea . This can be a new product, a service or something else, which perhaps does not exist yet. It is very advantageous if the business idea has a certain uniqueness , even if the wheel does not have to be completely reinvented .Rather, it is not recommended to take over the idea 1 to 1 from the competition.

2. Business model

An idea is only as good as the underlying business model . After all, entrepreneurs want to live by their work.
This is why it is crucial that you think about how you can make money with the idea . You usually test the business model before investing too much time and labor. A business plan is just as much, even if it is usually very much adapted in the implementation.

3. Setting

The best idea and the most viable business model will not do much if you can not do it. As a freelancer in the net, you need a suitable setting .
This starts with the preparation for independence , but becomes even more important after the foundation. A lasting motivation and thinking as an entrepreneur often makes the difference between success and failure.

4. Commercial basic knowledge

Unfortunately many self-employed workers fail , and often it is not even the Startup business idea or missing orders. The expertise is usually available.
Instead, many people lack the commercial basis, which is equally important to be financially successful. This includes things such as costing , cost management and taxes .

5. Financial cushion

A financial cushion should be available to build up your own business and to secure liquidity .
Either you want to get a full-time income quickly, but you have to invest a lot of money (eg buying a well-running website ). Or you build something yourself without big investments, but that takes in all rule time, until you can live from it. Either way you should have financial resources at your disposal. An alternative is to make oneself self-employed in the first place and thus to have a full-income in the hindquarters.

6. Website / Blog

Even if you can access social media profiles and hosted services as a freelancer online , a website or blog is still highly recommended.
While external platforms can be used to access reach and infrastructure, one is also dependent on their “grace”. On a separate website you own the content and you can decide for yourself how it should develop. That is why I think it is important to build our own platforms from the very beginning , even if it makes more work.

7. Experience and Know-How

You don’t need to be a top expert to become independent, but you should already have the necessary know-how to do a good job.
It is also very helpful if you have experience in the online Startup business because it is often the many small things that cost time and bring success.  But most of the experiences are collected during self-employment.

8. Range

A decisive factor for success as an online Startup founder is the range . This includes active marketing, activities on different platforms and intensive networking , which is also important for the self-employed in the home office. It also helps if you do self-marketing to make a name in the industry , even if that is not for everyone.

9. Plan B

No plan runs exactly as it was on the drawing board. That is why it is important to react flexibly to current developments and to counteract them. Only those who align themselves with the market or the customer and have a plan B in their pockets will be able to improve their own business.

10. Endurance

Lastly, it should be clear that you will not be rich overnight . Unfortunately many Startup founders here have false expectations .
The first years are often the most difficult, which is why it is important to stay motivated and persist. This is achieved with motivating goals and when you have fun at work .

Final Say

Even though these 10 points are not a KO list, experience has shown that it is often very important to be successful online. Therefore, one should not underestimate these points and incorporate them into the planning and preliminary considerations.