apple watch series 4
Source apple watch series 4 by Forbes

Apple announced Apple Watch Series 4 with new features. In Apple WatchSeries 4, addon a new ECG feature. The Apple Watchseries 4 is to become the first product for consumers with an electrocardiogram on their wrist. This has even been confirmed in the US by the FDA.

Although the Apple Watch Series 4 is basically capable of doing so, there is still one small thing missing: The update to watchOS 5.1.2. This should appear today and bring along with the ECG app also another interesting feature.

Apple Watch: More than just a heart rate monitor

The Apple Watch is already checking your heart rate beats at different intervals. You can easily check your heart beats rate on apple watch if you have any irregularities such as too high or too low a heart rate.

The Apple watch may soon detect the arrhythmia such as atrial fibrillation and notify you as soon as possible Doctor can visit. The Apple announces clearly that the apple watch series 4 is able to recognize various vital signs, but a real investigation can’t be replaced.

You can easily use the ECG feature on Apple watch series 4. it works quite simply. You can use this feature via new ECG app and hold on the Digital Crown through your fingers for 30 seconds. If you have any problems, you will be informed immediately. After that all data transmitted to health App where data is safely stored and you can access or see your data at any time.

While the ECG app will only be offered for the Apple Watch Series 4, the new notifications will also be available on older devices (from Apple Watch Series 1) when watchOS 5.1.2 is released today.

However, both new features are currently available only in the US, Puerto Rico, Guam and on the US Virgin Islands. However, the features can also be activated in other countries via the “region trick”.

Apple Watch Series 4: ECG feature can only be activated in the USA & further restrictions

It could have been so nice if all Apple Watchseries 4 users can use the ECG feature, but Apple frustrated the users. Only USA users can only use the ECG Feature through ECG app. This time, ECG App is restricted for other regions Apple watches series users. They can’t activate the ECG features through the change of region via settings. This trick doesn’t work on ECG app in Apple Watch Series 4.

According to the developer, three requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. iPhone must be running at least iOS 12.1.1 (no beta)
  2. The Apple Watch Series 4 must have at least watchOS 5.1.2 installed
  3. The Apple Watch must have been bought in the US