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The cinema manages to awaken many emotions and feelings in people, being the living representation of the hundreds of thousands of literary works that were conceived by hand. Technology knows very well what entertainment is and for that reason has created many applications to download movies that take the film content directly to the screen of your smart device.



Crackle is one of the most popular applications to watch and download movies. This application have a  great feature.  You are not infringing any copyright and even more so for a platform as stealthy as Apple. Crackle is the new way to consume content. You can also find original content and great compatibility even with Smart TV’s. It is also available on Google Play.

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Practically all of us have the uTorrent on our computer. It is one of the best downloads managers through torrents of the moment. Thanks to this uTorrent app for Android,  we will be able to search, download and watch movies, and everything we want.

In the latest version, uTorrent added two new features:

  1. Multimedia files are more easily accessed by the integrated video and music library.
  2.  Self-close

uTorrent is the best download application on Android.  Lets you put this app in “WiFi only” mode so you do not spend mobile data unnecessarily.

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In addition to downloading movies, B-movies will allow you to search and view them from the same application. You can see them offline when you want. You will be able to navigate between your multiple film collections and with a single touch of your finger. It displays all the information and details of the film in question: the number of downloads and score etc. The movies are uploaded by users, so B-movies is an app to share files. Choose between the formats that are offered and start enjoying, the newest and most classic films.

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Free HD Movies

The way in which digital entertainment services have changed was something that was already planned. Beyond playing at being policemen and thieves with the inevitable piracy, the media, artists and other entertainment agents must turn to new ways of monetizing their contents. Through this application, you will find a complete compilation of YouTube movies and save your hours for entertainment search on Youtube.

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Several Apple products can use this app if you have iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone. Its simple interface lets you download favourite movies and watch them without being connected to the internet is compatible with several video formats.

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This application will allow you to see the programs, series and movies that transmit the big television networks of this group, such as Antena3, Neox or the soap operas of Nova, even allows you to watch live videos or streamings. You just have to download and register to enjoy great content quickly and easily on your iPad or iPhone.

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Netflix – The best series on your iPhone / iPad

Netflix is revolutionizing the way we watch series and movies lately. Especially series, since it offers us an exclusive catalogue of incredibly good series that we can see through any device, including our iPad or iPhone. Netflix really “hooks”, has series like Narcos or Daredevil. Perhaps the only one I miss is Game of Thrones.

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