Be Iconic. Show your sign!
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There are many businesses in the industry that soars higher as time passes by. They may have different techniques to achieve this level, but there are commonalities into their strategy being used.

Thus, business branding becomes their primary tool in becoming successful. Yes! Despite the digital world, it still becomes an essential aspect that needs to be skillfully decided by business owners to develop and excel in the industry.

Business branding does not take only an overnight process to make buyer personas remember your product or service brand. You need to thoroughly think about what are the strategies you could use to make the business successful.

As part of the planning, always consider becoming iconic. Through it, you can make other people aware of what and who your business is.

Just like McDonald’s they gave more emphasis on their signage to attract and guide customers to come and try their food establishment. Even Panasonic have used outdoor metal signs to make the brand more emphasized to the customers.

In doing your business to stand out among your competitors, you need to become creative and productive in thinking and be artistic in giving an icon for your business branding.

Consider that the signage will advertise not only your business product but the brand itself.  That is why you are in need to use signs and symbols within the signage that works and communicates well to your potential customers and loyal customers.

In this discussion, it will encourage you to showcase your sign with pride and honor. These are the types of signage you may use to help you with your business marketing.

Types of Signage

1.    Custom Stainless steel

Steel is one of the firmly built metals in the world. It can be used with a variety of purposes because of its durability and longevity. Thus, there is a greater chance of lifetime used once it becomes your material.  Its ability makes it known in the market.

The quality that makes steel becomes outstanding is its ability to stand still amidst weather conditions either heat, cold, rain, storms or wind. In countries like the Philippines where weather conditions strike, stainless signage becomes the first choice of most signages most specifically with an American International Group which is BPO Company.

Since some of the high-rise buildings of the company wants to have signage on top of the building, the stainless steel becomes the favorite of most companies because it is durable and still slays to be classy. But it does not imply that stainless steel is applicable only with such examples because it is always recommendable for outdoor signage.

The stainless steel signage can also appear on the ground level of the company’s site or place.  It can also be placed in front of the entrance.  This metal would become a good choice if you wanted to have no-frills and straightforward signage which is capable of lighting itself at night.

2.  Aluminum Signs

Upon advertising your product or services or generate sales, using aluminum signs can be the best way to do it.  It leaves a lasting impression of your audience.  Just like stainless steel, it is flexible, durable and affordable.  The aluminum signs can be mounted.

It can also be converted to banners, poster boards, roll up stands, or even flags.  Mostly, business companies used this for displaying their logos, brands, products or services, and services to generate higher sales purposes.

The numerous benefits of choosing aluminum as a material for the signage includes its strength, resistance to weather conditions, and availability.  The professional exterior with its corresponding company design will make the sign more appealing to the customers.

If you want to win the hearts of your customers, make sure that you could get their tastes and standards for the products or services you are offering so that they will stick to your company.  Just like the Panasonic Company, they have used an aluminum letter for their interior sign which makes the whole place extravagant.

3. Stylish Metal Signage like Rusted Look, Patina Look, Textured Powder Coat, Hammered Style

In a regular time table, it would take so much time to give a natural look of old signage in which it will similarly look like a Victorian era if you wanted a rusted look.

However, it becomes more possible as signages offered by Shield Co signs have a variety of style which you wanted to achieve.

The company of Ridgeline International has a good design and crafted corten steel with a rusted look style for the entire sign.  Aside from that, the Button & Awl Americana Emporium have designed a single layer sign with negative cuts that looks like a decade-witness of the previous happenings in history.  Also, the Great Frogs Winery has used a patina treatment for rusting that makes it classier.

If you want your business sign to form and look like a chemical reaction surface, the patina look is what you are looking for.  It is different from what you see from applied coatings in paintings or powdered coating.  In result, the well-used firearm will develop a patina on the steel after Parkerizing, bluing, or another finish has worn, which will make the sign to become an antique look.


All of these signages mentioned above should be showcased with high-end quality and excellent design.  So, it is really in need to hire and collaborate with makers that are expert in this field.

Thus, if you are looking for a quality assurance output, Shield Co Signs will be helping with what you and your business need because the signages created by the company are scrutinized well for the betterment of the customers’ business and satisfaction.

Make sure that you will not compromise the quality of the business branding you wanted to achieve with the little cost it varies.

Your investment in making iconic signage for your business will give you a return of investment in the long run of your business operation. Added with the years of span