Best Chrome Extensions for 2017

best chrome extensions

Best Chrome Extensions have 51.72% of market share, Google Chrome is by far the most widely used web browser in the world. Fast, fluid, extremely customizable, this browser also allows to add a large number of extensions. Some simplify everyday life, others improve productivity or entertain. Check out the best extensions for Google Chrome of the year 2017! (Since a number of these extensions will please you and to make your life easier, we have inserted the link to the cited extension. we like to simplify your life!).

Our selection of the best chrome extensions

Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker is the indispensable tool when you have an active Gmail account. Thanks to this extension, there is no need to open a mailbox to see if a new mail is there. This extension warns of every new incoming mail on its mailbox.


Wondering if the recipient of your mail has received your email? In the same vein as the previous extension, it works with Gmail. It allows to know instantly if the mail sent has been opened. A very practical extension to know how long your mail has been opened and what mails have not yet been.

Black Google Menu

Are you a fan of Mountain View products? Are you wasting time moving from one service to another, from Youtube to Google Drive or Google Map? This extension is made for you: with this Black Menu for Google, you will have access to all Google services at a glance. Save time in perspective!


With more than 10 million users already, it seems that the Pocket extension is a powerful and appreciated tool of the greatest number. And there’s something! This extension allows you to save items and videos so you can view them later. Ideal when you come across an interesting article and you do not have time to read it right away! To make it easier to use, you’ll need to add the Save to Poket extension .

Page Eraser

Are you tired of these ads that pollute your field of vision or this menu too screaming? Page Eraser is the solution to your problem. This extension allows a simple click to erase parts of a web page. To be tried urgently!

Earth View from Google Maps

This is probably the # 1 extension of the Top 20 best extensions for Google Chrome. This extension allows, when you open a new tab, to see a magnificent picture of the sky. With each new tab, a new striking picture that will remind you of the photos of Yan Arthus Bertrand. A tip, try it as soon as possible!

Hola internet

Hola Internet is best chrome extensions and it is a very practical extension to bypass country restrictions. Thanks to this extremely simple VPN, you will have access to all the content you want! On the other hand, enjoy it now before it’s banned!

Https Everywhere

Originally created for the Firefox browser, this extension is now available for Google Chrome. His interest ? As the name suggests, it makes it possible to secure any site in “http” to an encryption in “https”. To try by all the paranos of the web!


Are you one of those who accumulate tabs and end up getting lost? The TooManyTabs extension is for you! It allows you to organize tabs, search among them, restore recently closed tabs, or pause tabs to save memory. URL Shortener

Behind this name a little barbarian hides a very practical extension and will be a very attractive alternative to Thanks to this extension you will be able to shorten the url too quickly in the blink of an eye. A very handy tool if you want tweeter or other.

Google Dictionary

It is also  best chrome extensions. Another tool made in Google. And like every Google tool, one can be sure that it will help you! Google Dictionary is a formidable power: you are before a word you do not understand? Double click on it and here is its definition that appears! To try immediately if you want to know for example what means serendipity

Panic Button

It all happened to us to surf on sites that had nothing to do with our work. And there, unfortunately, your boss enters unexpectedly! You have the right reflex to close the page, but what happens then? You find yourself in front of the wallpaper of your office .. Boring not? The solution: Panic Button: with one click you hide all the tabs without closing the page! Clever, you had to think about it!

Google Chrome Remote Desktop

This desktop application presented by Google has the wind in its sails: it allows to control a computer remotely. So, from your office, you can control your PC turned on at home! For example, you can watch your downloads (legal of course) or your favorite game. An advantage, and not least, this extension is usable on Android!


Another extension for social networking addicts. AddThis allows you to share content or web page on most social networks in one click. After a quick setup, the extension will wreak havoc in your community!

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is the best chrome extensions. Evernote enthusiasts will already have it installed on their Chrome browser. The others will have an interest in doing so. Evernote Web Clipper allows you to save an internet page, capture articles, annotate them and optimize your favorites. Evernote is undoubtedly a powerful tool for organizing and improving its productivity.

Android Desktop Notifications

If you have an Android phone, this application is for you! Receive messages received on your smartphone directly to your computer! A dream come true ! This extension is compatible with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts.


Airdroid is a best chrome extensions.In addition to the Android Desktop Notifications extension,AirDroid is the essential extension to control your smartphone from your computer. With this extension, you can add or remove items from your phone, write SMS and even locate your phone if it is lost (and if you can not retrieve it, you can order to delete all its contents ). An extension to get urgently!

Right Click Search Wikipedia

As its name suggests in English, this extension allows to add a search command on Wikipedia in the menu when you click-right. An unknown word or phrase? A simple right-click and the answer to your question can be found on the participative encyclopedia!

Adblock Plus

Last application of this top 20 of the best chrome extensions, Adblock Plus will revolutionize your digital daily. No more ads on your web pages, Facebook and Youtube! This extension will systematically remove the banners and pop-ups that prevent you from concentrating. An application to be tested!