Modern Combat 5: Blackout

The new rts games and War games have always been very popular since digital games began to emerge in different formats. The applications were not going to be outside of that reality in the video game industry and for that reason, they have developed all the jewels of war games on Android. 

Every person has own collections of rts games and war games list. Many of games are from war games. We are going to show some of the best Android war games and rts games of all times.

It depends on you to choose the one you like the most real time strategy games which based on war. Faced or play the most challenges in your level of difficulty.

Select one of the top rts games which based on war zone.

1.Best rts war game:  Call of Duty: Heroes

If you are looking for fully specialized android war games which base on real-time strategy. You should not despise Call of Duty whoever has a career in this theme of games.

It will recognize the name of one of the best third-person war sagas which you can now enjoy from the comfort of your android.

Participate in campaigns and lead your army of elite soldiers as well as complete troops of drones with the sole objective of eliminating the enemy. Enjoy this best rts war game for android.

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2. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Gameloft brings us a very good rts war android game where you will have to float all your player skills and face pure shots as part of a series of missions that increase in difficulty as you go through the game.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutGood graphics quality and a very engaging story plot are what this version has to offer. The developer team of Gameloft put all the effort to get this game that will ensure hours of entertainment with your Android device.

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3. Boom Beach

If you prefer new action rts games with unusual locations and out of town or traditional battlefields, maybe Boom Beach is one of your favorites.

As its name indicates, you will be able to fly the beach and fight until the victory against the Obscure Guard.

Boom Beach rts gameTo free the imprisoned islanders you must attack the enemy bases with a well-thought strategy which lets you go revealing all the mysteries of the game map as that of the crystals of life.

To fulfill your goals, you have the possibility to associate with other players from all over the world.

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4. 1942 Pacific Front

It’s 1942. Full Second World War based Front Pacific game. Your troops have only one option: win or die.

1942 Pacific Front war gameThe result of your combat will be definitive for the future of world history. With 1942 Pacific Front, you will be closer than ever to the armed conflict that laid the foundations of what we are today.

As an important attraction, the game incorporates naval clashes and lets you maneuver all of your troops throughout the battlefront. You have the option to lead the US Army. or maneuver the Japanese forces.

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5. Rivals at War

In Rivals at War you must form a first-class team that must always be ready for action. You will have to be a good strategist and foresight, to equip your men with the best training and improve their weapons to face each mission, since none is equal to the other.

rivals at war gamesIt is not a game for passives, but rather for those who like to take the initiative and go to the direct attack, to bring the fighting to melee.

You will have to defeat enemy teams of other players if you want to fight for being the best in the fight against terrorism.

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6. European War 4: Napoleon

Those who prefer to fight in past centuries have the possibility to do so in the Napoleonic era( eighteenth century) through European War 4: Napoleon.

European War 4 NapoleonIn the game, you will be able to select from more than two hundred known generals of the time such as Napoleon, Murat, Wellington, Nelson, Kutusov, Washington and others.

So the learning of historical passages and the personalities that starred them are guaranteed in an exclusive plus and indirect of the game.

You have to know that each troop that you choose has its particularities. Knowing them thoroughly to make your army an invincible elite troop will be one of your main tasks.

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