Honeymoon In Middle East

Good company in a journey makes the way more astonishing and memorable.

Planning for a romantic getaway in the Middle East? The best should be the first on your list and you have opted the best destination to begin your life journey.

I know how confusing it is to pick a favorite holiday destination amongst millions of choices, especially when it comes to the most exciting holidays of your life.

The bonus of opting middle east as your holiday destination is that you will get everything here. adventures, most modernized facilities, astonishing photogenic views, party spots, romantic getaways, everything under the sky according to your taste!

However, there are some important things you need to keep in mind before packing your travel bags. Let’s discuss some tips and tricks the make your romantic holidays the sweetest one ever.

Here’ re the best 5 tips to plan Honeymoon in Middle East

Tip 1: Know The Travel Etiquette of the Country, Respect it!

Most of the middle east countries are so welcoming to honeymoon couples. However, it is
important to do a bit of research to know about their rules, culture, and travel etiquette to avoid chaos in your holiday.

The rules are not the same for all the middle east countries. From choosing the outfit to greeting the locals, each country has its own rules and culture. It is always better to know and respect them.

Love is blind, when you are in love, you will not see anyone or anything other than your soulmate. But in the middle east countries, it is better to save your lovemaking sessions for your private moments. Lovemaking in public has some restrictions in some places (I’m not talking about holding hands or walking together or exchanging a romantic look /smile, hope you get my point ).

Tip 2: The Climate – Get Married In The Right Time!

Yes, another important aspect; the weather and climate of the country. Middle East countries have extreme climate changes over the months – either too hot or too cold. Some attractions will be open only in certain seasons in the middle east. So you should be particular about when you are going, what you are planning to visit and what you want to enjoy.

There are off-season and on-season holiday packages according to the climate of the city. So if you are a budget couple, the climate of the country/city should be your primary factor in your trip plan. Get married at the right time couples. Lol.

Tip 3: Get a Theme, Get a Complete Tour Itinerary

I would suggest pre planning your honeymoon along with your wedding plan preparation. Get an idea about the theme of your holiday. The best part of a wedding is, planning your honeymoon holidays together. Each couple has different interests, so have a romantic date with your love and discuss the theme of your honeymoon holidays.

It is always better to get an idea about your trip before reaching out to a tour operator. Make a list of attractions you need to cover, activities you should include, food items you should try and places you should visit. Also, get an idea about the free things to do in that place.

Now, reach out a tour operator who can provide you a customized holiday package as per your interest. Get a complete tour itinerary from them which includes all the details from airport pick up, food, accommodation, surprises and timing to the airport drop off.

Since there are many tourist destinations in the Middle East, tour operators available in this market are also uncountable. So, choose the right and legit one who can resolve all your queries and gift you a wonderful holiday.

Tip 4: Fix a Budget, Say No to Tempting & Scams

You are going to a place where you can spend your life savings on many attractions. Especially cities like Dubai. You will get all the luxurious there. So, budget your holiday, get a clear idea about the value of each attraction. This budget should include your visa, flight, hotel, food, shopping, tours, and all taxes. Book your flights and hotels 6 months before, this will help you to save some money.

You will find out the same attractions at different prices. Check, compare and conclude on the best value attractions. It is always better to go through genuine reviews and asking suggestions from your friends rather than blindly trusting the web results. Be aware of the hidden costs as well. Keep a record of the money your total budget, money spent and balance.

Tip 5: # Couple goals: Surprises, Relaxation, Adventures & Love

There are many resorts and relaxations spots available in the Middle East. Explore any of them and enjoy your own time. Relaxation is a must included package in your tour itinerary.

Who can say no to a lovely surprise from their love, that too during their dream holidays? Make your partner overwhelmed with your love, try a romantic dhow cruise night or explore an exotic though unpopular destination in the Middle East( trust me, there are a lot of unrevealed gem spots here), get a romantic gift or candlelit dinner.

If you are planning surprises inside the hotels, let them know about your special requirements before. Blend your romantic holidays with lots of love, surprises, and relaxation.

So no more waiting, it is time to pack your bag now. Make sure you have a checklist to pack your honeymoon bag.

All set? Packed?

Fly to your paradise and enjoy your exciting holiday with your love. Don’t forget to capture your lovely moments and frame them.

You both are made for each other. A True love story never ends. All the best couples 🙂