vizio smartcast setup
vizio cast

According to the Vizio support, they provide android and ios app for pairing your smartphone to your Smart tv or Vizio Smartcast. So, you can connect the Vizio Smartcast to your android or ios smartphone to meet these requirements:

  1. Android 4.4 or higher
  2. iOS 8.0 or higher

At the first time of pairing of your Vizio smart tv to smart to your smartphone, you only need the first time setup. If you want to cast an app like Netflix, YouTube then you don’t need to pair a device.

Follow the steps to paring a device to your Vizio Smartcast

  1. Take your android smartphone or iPhone, install the Vizio Smartcast App
  2. Open the Vizio Smartcast app

    vizio smartcast setup
    vizio cast
  3. Select the option Name of the Customers TV.
  4. A pop window Bluetooth pairing request is open, then Click on the Pair button.

    vizio tv bluetooth pairing
    vizio smart-cast setup vis Bluetooth Pairing request
  5.  If your pairing request fails to pair device then you can retry option otherwise you can select the WiFi option for connecting the devices to your Vizio Smartcast.

    how to connect phone to vizio tv wireless
    how to connect phone to vizio tv wireless


How to troubleshooting the pairing of your Home Theater Displays and HDTV’s

Power cycle both the SmartCast HDTV or HTD and the control device (i.e. Smart Phone or Tablet)
1.  Power off your SmartCast HDTV or HDT or you can unplug your Smartcast HDTV from the power.

2. Please, Turn off your android or ios Smart Phone or restart your smartphone.

3.  Plug your Vizio Smartcast HD TV into the power. Turn on the power.

4. if your Vizio Smartcast app doesn’t connect with your smartphone after following above steps. Please uninstall your Smartcast application and reinstall again. After that, you can easily to connect your iPhone or Smartphone to your Vizio Smart tv/