The logo is more and more important in modern life. Every brand and company need a brilliant logo to speak for their business. In general, it will cost a lot of money to hire a professional designer to get a proper logo and it is also difficult to create one on your own unless you know how to design. Luckily, with DesignEvo, you’ll never worried about anything about logos.

DesignEvo is a free to use and user-friendly logo maker that allows even a newbie to make professional logos. It has powerful features, such as 3,000+ templates, millions of icons and fonts, fully customizable and free to use. All of the features are free and easy to use. So even you know nothing about design, you can make a great logo with professional appearance easily.

Next, as a newbie, I’ll show you these powerful features one by one briefly:

1. 3,000+ Customizable Templates

To be honest, to make a great logo is not that easy, especially for people who know nothing about logo design, just like me. Fortunately, DesignEvo is so sweet that have prepared 3,000+ delicate template for us users.

There is a vast space for showing the templates on the front page. You can search logos that you need by the template’s categories and keywords. Or you can just click the logo you like on the front page, and then there will be a lot of relevant logos for you to choose. Here, you can find many kinds of templates, including photography logo, gaming logo, sports & fitness logo and many other types.

Then you can select a preferred template and customize it in the editing page to meet your needs. What’s more, every element of the template can be adjusted. You can add anything you need or like to personalize it. Thus, you’ll get a personal and unique logo. Meanwhile, you’ll enjoy designing and feel that design is not that boring or difficult.

designevo2. Millions of Icons and Fonts

Of course, if you are confident enough to make the desired logo on your own, you can click the “start from scratch” button to switch to the editing page directly. There are two unique buttons to switch two different page, named “ start from scratch” (means to search icons for your own in the editing page) and “templates” (means to choose from a variety of prepared templates). There are millions of icons are waiting for you in the editing page.

According to the theme of your goal, you can search the keyword of the logo. There are various types of icons to meet your needs. Under the search box, there are 20 popular keywords that people tend to search to make it convenient for you, including youtube, game, circle, star, etc.

After finding a preferred icon, you can add different shapes to the icon and personalize it with classic and art fonts. As DesignEvo said: There are millions of professionally designed icons and 100+stylish fonts to level up your logo. The only thing you need to do is choose from the abundant materials and enjoy your design process.

3. Practical Preview & Output


After finishing a logo, it’s time to preview it to check if the logo is suitable for your target. DesignEvo prepares preview and output features to help you to examine. There are some different previews, such as the logo on a T-shirt, on a screen, on a book cover, on paper, etc. If you think the logo is not that suitable or satisfactory, then change some elements and make it perfect to meet your needs.

When the logo is perfectly designed, you can choose to download it. There are three types of the output: jpg, png, and png with a transparent background for you to select for the different occasion. That’s really sweet.

Design Evo

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It’s worth mentioning that all the brilliant features of DesignEvo are free.

No matter what kind of logos you need, company & organization logo, website & blog logo, social media profile logo, business logo and so on, you can find a preferred one there. Besides, you can customize the well-designed templates freely, which may inspire you and simplify your design process as well. So to speak, as a professional designer, DesignEvo can save your time and effort to make better logos; as a novice, DesignEvo can save your money and let you enjoy designing. Nothing is worse for you!

If you are a small business or a startup, why don’t you use DesignEvo to make a unique and fantastic logo for your business on your own for free?

Come and try it now!