These days Digital Marketing has earned a huge popularity. Most of the businesses through numerous social media channels are creating their presence online in order to promote their products and services.

There are so many digital marketing trends and each of them carries with them their own challenges. And every trend also falls within an innovative phase like content marketing be it written, visual and interactive visual.

Here are 10 digital marketing trends that you should pay attention in 2018

Native Advertorials

Native advertorials are a combination of advertisement and an online editorial that are made for paid promotion of any business on publishing websites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, BuzzFeed, etc. Native ads include Blog Posts, Infographics that are gaining popularity by earning trust with potential customers than traditional banner ads.

Native advertisements typically consider a call-to- action within the content that links you to the sponsor’s website. So we suggest our clients invest in native ads because those ads are beneficial to engage readers and also to help in link building for search engine optimization (SEO).

Live Video

As people become savvier into their digital surroundings, they want to connect with more brands and follow their stories. Live video is the great option to go! Platforms such as YouTube and Facebook Live are now beneficial for businesses to connect with their followers. These platforms also make it easy for brands to get their messages across by streaming live broadcasts and promoting them Globally. Many more apps are now coming to have a live streaming practicality of their own. As everyone’s desires for video stimulation increases, so we hope Live Video will create a trend in 2018. The one thing to make sure is that you have properly branded your video. You definitely need to place your logo in the video. If you already haven’t designed one you can take help of free logo maker tools to design one for yourself at no cost.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile dominatee! Mobile has an ample impact on search marketing as Google considers the mobile is its first mantra. Google eliminates all those websites which are not optimized for mobile. The present existence of mobile phones indicates that the businesses are now able to make huge money on mobile- focused Internet marketing. According to, an article says that presently 7.22 billion active mobile device users are in the globe, therefore the importance of mobile phone marketing and its relevance to any business is high in demand. So we hope this trend is going to take a top priority for digital marketing world in the year 2018.

Content Marketing Trend

Content has always been king and an important element in digital marketing! According to, an article states that content marketing has become one of the reliable ways to boost the reach of businesses in their niche markets. Even we hope it will remain an indispensable part of every online marketing platform in 2018 and also in many more years to come. Content marketing is a concept of writing and distributing unique, and interactive content to attract targeted customers towards your business. These days professional writers and video producers are creating content marketing more competitive.

Interactive content plays a vital role in the digital landscape and marketers believe that engagement is everything. And they believe businesses succeed when their customers will not only consume content but also acts upon it. For this reason, content is important and is also going to create a trend for this year.

Search Algorithm Will Change

Yes, it’s a fact – search algorithm will change! In this digital world, a huge amount of information or content is being added to the internet every hour, search engine giants will update their algorithm to decide which content should rank higher in search engine result page (SERP) and which should not. If you want your content to be got priority in SERPs then keep these following points in your mind:

The information should be to remain original, and helpful to your audience Your content can’t be carelessly displayed online, it must be professionally crafted with the incorporation of text, images, and video

Social Media Will Play A Major Role In Conversion

The power of social media is always been high in demand. In 2018, businesses will move away from emphasising on company-consumer conversations, they will be providing possibilities to improve conversation rates. Work as new conversation channels, social media will offer necessary tools to convert potentiality into buyers.

Online Advertisement Will Be Expensive

As an enormous growth in digital marketing practices has increased, the competition for online space over the internet is going to boom. And as the demand for top advertisement spaces increases, so the online advertisement will become expensive.

Dedicated Applications Will Find Their Way

In 2018, most of the brands will create a dedicated applications for their own businesses. An app offers all the features of the mobile-optimized website in a more convenient, and accessible way. Only having a mobile optimized site will not be enough for your business. Creating an app for your business gives you so much allowance to make the brand experience more convenient in ways that a mobile-optimized website cannot.

Big Data

Since the Big Data roar, digital marketers have turned into data management tools to see their big data.

Big Data will help the marketers make their digital marketing strategies more personalized. Big Data focuses on all the discernment of digital marketing such as personalized marketing, segment marketing and native marketing. In 2018, we expect data utilization will remain a topmost priority for marketers.


Testimonials rule! Testimonials are no longer equal to just collecting reviews from the data base. Now testimonials are prepared as written communication that enables search engines to recognize them and making them most precious pieces of website content. Testimonials should place on the home page, contact page and other pages of your website. It’s also beneficial to showcase your buyers with a wide variety of products you sell and also some difficulties your company solves.

Remember, the number of reviews or testimonials you have on your site, the more effectively placed your site will be in search engine results.

Final Note

There are many digital marketing trends that will dominate in 2018. So follow the best digital marketing practices that will stand you apart from the others.