my television has no sound
my television has no sound

If you are facing your Vizio tv no sound problem after adding or connecting an external audio device or sound system with your Vizio Smart Television.

You can contact your audio or sound device manufacturer for solving no audio or sound problems.

If your Vizio tv sound stopped working and you don’t know how to troubleshoot the Vizio tv no sound problem or why does my tv have no sound.

You can follow the below steps for resolving the Vizio television sound problems.

Follow the steps to fix the Vizio smart tv no sound from the built-in speakers

  1. Verify your Vizio TV’s volume level is set above to zero.
  2. Verify your Vizio Tv’s volume is not muted.
  3. Go to your Vizio smart tv’s Audio settings (Find in Menu) and verify your Vizio Tv speakers option is set to ON state.
  4. Verify your tv’s speakers cable is properly connected to the tv.
  5. You can test your Vizio TV speakers sound by using other input devices such as gaming console or DVD players. If your tv produces the sound after adding other input devices then no problems in your tv’s speakers.
  6. If you have a VIA Smart TV and you don’t have any other devices for sound testing then you can test by using the Vizio Smart tv video apps.
  7. If you are using a Satellite box or cable box with your Vizio Smart tv then verifies your box audio volume is not muted by pressing the volume up button on your cable or Satellite box remote.

If you find no audio or no sound problems on your Vizio Smart tv after following above all steps then it may be some hardware issues.

You can contact to Vizio customer Supports team for resolving Vizio tv no sound problems.