Free Office Suite Applications to Utilize in 2019

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Free, easy-to-use office software that has many features and is fully compatible with Microsoft Office documents. Here we describe the best software solutions for the office – both installed on a computer device, and browser programs that work in online mode.

Office Suite Applications to Use in 2019 for Free

Each of us, whatever operating system you use, sometimes needs reliable office software, and some of the best programs of this kind are entirely free.

Google Docs

It’s hard to find something better for working on different platforms and for sharing documents. If you have a stable internet connection, Google offers an excellent free suite of office software, primarily if you work with someone or often use devices with different operating systems.

All three programs of the Google Docs Sheets and Slides package run without problems in any browser and are available for mobile devices on iOS and Android. The main drawback of Docs, Sheets, and Slides is that opening files created using other office applications can be quite problematic, and you cannot convert files correctly.

Microsoft Office Online

A PC-installed office suite from Microsoft requires a paid subscription. But at some point, the company saw a threat from Google’s online packages and created its own set of similar free apps.

Office Online works just as well as its counterpart on the PC, and although advanced tools such as spreadsheets are not available, the product from Microsoft does not lose applications from Google. However, it is always possible to get word free download if you want to work with texts and documents regardless of the internet connection.

If you usually work with Microsoft document formats than Office Online is a great choice. Unlike Google’s free office, you don’t need to convert files to work with them, and you can easily share them through your OneDrive account. Just log in (the same as when you log into Windows 10), and you’re ok.


LibreOffice is open-source and supported by a large community of volunteer enthusiasts application who are always working to improve the stability and new features of this product. There are many extensions and templates that make it even more flexible. And do not forget that this is all free for both home and commercial use.

The package contains six programs for performing all standard office tasks: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math, and Base. The last three tools you will not find in many other free office applications, they are used to create vector diagrams, mathematical functions, and databases, respectively. The following program is especially useful: it’s hard to find a free alternative to Microsoft Access.

LibreOffice is suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but it does not have official versions for mobile phones, except for means for viewing documents on the Android OS.


Open365 is more than just office software, and it is a complete open-source PC application that is available in your browser and located on your server. Here are the critical components of the LibreOffice software package (Writer, Calc, and Impress), as well as the GIMP image editor, the Linux email package Kontact, and cloud storage from Seafile. Everything that PC versions of these programs can do is possible here, and the same file formats are supported.

There is a PC client for managing file transfers and synchronizing your cloud storage with your hard drive, but you still have to run the software in a browser. Entirely local software for a personal computer is challenging both in terms of boot time and in terms of required system resources.

Zoho Workplace

Thanks to the brand, Google Docs is much more popular, but Zoho’s office suite is perfect in its way. It is definitely closer to the office PC software suite and powerful enough to attract monsters like BBC and Nike as regular users.

The new text document editor from Zoho (which replaced the standard Word interface with a sidebar) makes a pretty good impression and can professionally create and edit documents, has functional tables and a proper function for creating presentations.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Zoho Workplace also has a reliable website creation tool, a file management application and many collaboration tools.