If you are facing a Hisense dehumidifier pump is not working problems. It may be your dehumidifier pump is not installing properly. You can check the below instruction for installing the pump on your Hisense dehumidifier.

Note: You can use the pump feature as horizontally or vertically and drain the water out a window or your suitable places.

Issues checklist of your Hisense dehumidifier pump not working

  • Your dehumidifier pump light flashes. It is a sign of your pump function is not working properly.
  • Your drain hose is not connected properly to your unit.

How to install the Hisense dehumidifier pump function

  1. First, connect your drain hose to the unit properly before pressing the Pump button.
  2. After connected properly, press on the Pump button on your panel for activating the pump system functions.
  3. Pump light will be switch on after pressing the pump button.