How do I get Amazon Prime on my Vizio smart TV

If you don’t know how do i get amazon prime on my Vizio smart TV, then you need to add your amazon prime app from the app store and install it.

Once you installed your Amazon prime app then you need to follow easy steps for how do i connect my Vizio tv to amazon prime app.

How to setup my amazon prime app on Vizio smart tv

You need to follow the below easy steps to set up amazon prime video app on your Vizio tv.

  1. If Amazon prime app is already installed on your vizio smart tv, then you need to go to your tv’s home screen and click on the Amazon prime video app icon. Note: If amazon prime app is not installed, then you need to install app from vizio app store.
  2. After that, you need to enter your amazon prime credential like username and password for log in on your smart tv.
  3. You can watch your videos, movies and shows after verifying your credential which you enter on amazon prime app. 

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How to cast amazon videos on Vizio smart tv

An alternate option are available, you can use your ios or Android devices for casting your Amazon prime videos on your Vizio smart TV. If you want to cast videos from your mobile device, then you need to connect your mobile device over AirPlay2 or Chromecast.

Follow to steps to cast your video content on your Vizio TV

  1. You need to open your Amazon Prime app on your mobile device
  2. After that, start playing your favorite video or movie.
  3. If you want to cast or share that video on your tv, click on cast or share symbol.
  4. After that, select vizio smart tv from the list.

Note: Above all steps work with Chromecast as well as Airplay2

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