How do I reset my element tv

how do i reset my element tv

Element smart TV offers the HD, full HD, Roku & 4K smart televisions. Element smart tv comes with many buit -in Apps, games, and Google Assistant features. You can buy element smart tv at an affordable price.

If you already bought an element tv. You faced any issues using the element smart tv apps, games and other functions. You can reset your element tv factory by default for resolving the element tv is not working issues.

If you don’t sure how to reset element tv to factory settings, then follow the below easy instructions for element tv factory reset by default.

Note: If you are using the factory reset settings on your element smart tv, then your all data will erase (user-installed app on element tv and others). You need to add apps on element tv again and also set up wifi network on your element tv.

How to reset element tv to factory settings

Follow the below steps to reset element tv factory settings by default.

  1. Take your element tv remote control and press on the Menu Button.
  2. Select the TV Settings option by using the navigation keys of your remote control.
  3. After that, Goto on General option and select it.
  4. Now. select the Restore Default option by using navigate buttons of your tv remote.
  5. After selecting the Restore Default option and further process.
  6. Now, your element tv will be reset. You need to wait for some time until factory default setting not complete.