Burn Calories

 How to Burn Calories at Home?Are you looking for physical activities that will burn these nasty calories accumulated during the winter? follow the guide


Easy, accessible to all, it is good for oxygenation, for the work of the articulations of the lower body, and to maintain its good cardiovascular form. On the other hand, weight loss side, that is not it! Count between 70 and 100 calories for 30 minutes of practice (depending on the speed).


Very practiced, because it is at the top to maintain its heart and its arteries; It muscles fairly harmoniously the body and gives good results on the maintenance of the line. For 30 minutes of racing at average speed (10 km / h), 300 calories are burned, and for a sustained race (15 km / h) 450 calories.

The bike

Same results on the body as walking or jogging, while muscling nicely thighs, buttocks and legs. But for the race to calories, it is very average: 30 minutes of bike with average pace (20 km / h) burn only 150 calories.


With jogging, it is the other sport very greedy in calories. On the sporting level, the discipline makes everything work: heart, breath, muscles, joints, balance … During a course of about 30 minutes, you will burn 350 calories.

The aquatic gym

A great way to refine her silhouette and work, gently, heart and breath, not to mention the stressful side. As for calories, do not expect a miracle: for a course of 30 minutes, you will burn hardly more than 150 calories.

Sports dances

They are perfect to move the whole body, to work its joints, its breath, but also its sense of balance and its memory. For a 1 hour course, you will spend between 250 and 300 calories. So, it’s also the best way for burn calories.

Basketball, soccer, volleyball, handball …

All ball sports contribute to good oxygenation and good cardiovascular exercise. Not to mention the work of joints. For a normally intensive game of 30 minutes, count between 250 and 350 calories that will go up in smoke.

And under the duvet?

We no longer stop smart apps on iPhone. Here is the bedometer which calculates the number of calories burned while you are sending yourself into the air. Just lay your laptop next to the pillow just before the preliminaries, and the trick is played.

But if I do not agitate?

“The mere fact of living makes us consume calories. Thus, for every hour spent in front of our comp or driving our car, we “consume” 80-100 calories. In front of the TV or with a good book, and even taking a nap, no less than 60 calories an hour. Finally, if you tinker or do the housework, in an hour, you will have burned more than 150 calories!