How to change the input on lg tv without remote?

how to turn on lg smart tv without remote

LG smart tv is the most popular tv brands all around the worlds. You can watch your favourites tv shows and access the apps by using the internet. You can access all things by using the LG smart tv remote control. But, if you lost your tv remote or forgot after keeping somewhere.

Don’t worry! You can use the below instructions to turn on LG tv or change the input on LG tv without remote. otherwise you can watch below video found the solution easily.

How to turn on LG smart tv without remote

It is very simple, you need to press on the power button that available on your LG smart tv. The Power button just below of the LG smart tv logo or middle of the screen.

how to turn on lg smart tv without remote

You need to press on the power button for turning on your LG tv, but after that, you can operate the tv input by using the remote control.

If you don’t have any remote control then you can use the below steps to operate your LG tv.

How to Install LG ThinQ app and what is the use?

If you have an android smartphone or iPhone, then you can install the LG ThinQ app from Google Play Store or App store After that, you can follow the below instructions to pair your smartphone to LG smart tv.

1. Install LG ThinQ app on your smartphone.

2. Turn on your LG smart tv and connect with same Wifi network both devices.

3. Now, you need to open your app and press on the + icon which will appear on your mobile’s top of the screen.

4. Follow all instructions which appear on your screen and tap on the OK button.

5. Go to Home Appliance section and select the TV option.

6. After that, the ThinQ app will search nearby available device. You need to select your tv.

7. After that, a verification code will appear on your LG smart tv’s screen. You need to enter that code on your smartphone for pairing both devices.

8. After that, you need to select to move.

9. Now you can change the input on your LG smart tv without using LG tv remote control.

Note: Maybe the app does not support the LG smart tv older model. You need to find another app on your app store or you can use the Universal remote control for accessing your LG TV all inputs.