spotify username

In this article, you will learn how to change your randomly generated username of spotify when you created a new account by using the Facebook. Spotify provide an option where you can change your profile username if you are not happy with existing name.

How to Sign Up on Spotify by using Facebook?

You can use the facebook account to create a new account in the Spotify to get the username. Check the below steps for how to sign up for a new account with Facebook:

1. Open the Spotify official website and click on the Sign up button.

2. After that, you need to click on the Sign with Facebook button.

3. Now, you need to enter your facebook credentials for creating an account.

How to connect existing Spotify account to Facebook?

If you already created an account on the spotify website and want to connect your facebook id for using the FB name and profile pictures. You can follow the below instructions:

1. You need to open the Spotify app and select the Settings.

2. After that, you need to select the Facebook under the Social header section.

3. Select the Facebook to connect and enter the login credentials.

How to change the Display Name on Spotify?

Spotify doesn’t give permission for changing the username. But, you can change your Display name that will replace your existing username. After changing the display name, it will be appeared for your all profiles, app and friend activity.

Follow the below steps for changing the Display name of the Spotify Account:

1. Select the Settings icon.

2. Select the Display Name under Settings.

3. Select tje Edit Profile option.

4. Now, you can edit your profile display name of the Spotify account. After that, tap on the Save button.