VIZIO recommends you use an Electronic Cleaner for LCD screens. When cleaning LCD screens, please ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

What Not to Do

Do not spray cleaning products directly onto a TV screen. It can cause damage to the TV screen and any other electrical components. You should not use newspaper, paper towels, or any other paper products on your screen. These products can leave small scratches on the screen and leave behind lint. Window cleaner should not be used as a TV screen cleaner on Vizio widescreen TVs. Window cleaner is not recommended for old cathode-ray tube TVs with glass screens.

Best Way for Cleaning a Vizio TV

You can clean your TV screen the same way as you would clean a computer or tablet screen : gently. Use a clean micro fiber cloth to wipe the TV. A electric duster is also a good option to remove dust and debris from a TV’s screen.

There are a few things you can do if spots or smudges persist. You have two options: use plain water or water with a little dish soap. A cloth can also be dampened with TV Screen Cleaner, which is safe to use on LCD TVs. Use the cloth to clean any smudges and dry with a microfiber cloth. If you notice visible dust particles on an LCD TV, you can also clean them with compressed air.

After you have cleaned the TV screen thoroughly, make sure to clean your remote. This is one of those high-touch household objects that you will need to disinfect more often than you probably do. Protective gloves and ventilation are required. After removing the batteries, spray the remote with bleach disinfecting solution. Use 4 teaspoons per quart of room-temperature water. Allow the remote to air dry.