How to connect a laptop to TV – wired and wirelessly

How to connect a laptop to TV

Do you want to see your laptop screen on your TV? Learn with us how to connect your laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable, a VGA connector, or a wireless device.

Connecting your laptop to the TV can be very useful when you want to watch a movie on your television but that you only have saved on your computer, or also if you want to gather your friends on the sofa at home and show them the photos of your last trip.

Read on to find out if you need to get an HDMI cable, a VGA connector, a wireless device or a USB stick, or just use the USB inputs on your laptop and TV.

On the contrary, if what you are looking for is to learn how to connect your Android mobile or tablet or your iPhone or iPad to your television.

How to connect laptop to tv hdmi

In order to connect laptop to TV with an HDMI cable, it is essential that both have an HDMI port.

follow these steps to connect laptop to tv hdmi

1 . Turn on both your TV and your laptop.

2 . Plug the HDMI cable into the corresponding ports on both devices.

3 . Make sure the TV is connected to the HDMI channel. In almost all cases, you can change the channel by pressing the AV button on your remote control.

4 . If the configuration changes are not made automatically, go to the ‘ Settings ‘ panel by clicking the Windows icon on your screen.

5 . Click on ‘ System ‘ and, in the ‘ Screen ‘ settings section , choose the resolution corresponding to your television and also check that this device is selected.

NOTE: If you have the latest version of Windows installed, you will most likely not have to perform steps 4 and 5, as your laptop will make these changes on its own.

How to connect laptop to tv wirelessly

Thanks to Windows 10, it is very easy to laptop screen on your TV through a Wi-Fi connection. Tell them that both devices must be connected to the same network for the connection to be established correctly, such as to find each other.

Before we start to say how the steps are done, verify that such a possibility exists on your television, or if you have to enter a specific menu to project the web page.

From the laptop you will do the following:

  1. Left-click in the lower right corner, in the notification area.
  2. The following menu will open and we will have two main options: connect or project.
  3. If we give it to connect, it will go directly to the step of connecting the screen in a generic way and will start looking for screens in which to connect.
  4. If we give it to project , we will have several options , we will choose one and it will be what will happen when we connect our laptop.

How to connect a laptop to TV with a VGA connector?

 This is the process to carry out if you want to see your laptop from your TV screen using a VGA connector -for video and an audio jack cable -for sound-.

1 . Turn on your laptop and your TV.

2 . Plug the VGA connector into each of the ports.

NOTE: If your laptop does not have this video output, you can buy an adapter at a very good price. This adapter has a VGA port at one end, in which you must connect the cable, and a USB port at the other, which will be plugged into the USB input of your computer.

3 . Insert the 3.5mm analog audio connector

NOTE:  one of the jacks into the headphone audio port of your laptop and the other into the corresponding audio input of your television or external speakers.

4 . If you don’t have your laptop updated to the latest version of Windows, you may have to change the display settings manually. To do this, click on the Windows icon on your monitor and access the panel called ‘ Settings ‘.

5. Select the ‘ System ‘ option, followed by ‘ Screen ‘, and change the resolution to that of your television. You will also have to make sure that your TV is selected.

How to connect a laptop to TV with a double USB cable?

Connecting a laptop to a TV using a dual USB cable is possible, but the trick is that you’ll also need an adapter that converts one of the USB ports into an HDMI output, as well as specific software for your laptop.

Using this program, the computer will also be able to convert the USB port into a video output port. It is therefore important that you check that the adapter mentioned above is compatible with your laptop model.

To use this system, the first thing to do is install the software on your laptop , open the program once the installation is complete and connect both devices with the USB cable and adapter.

How to connect a laptop to the TV with an external memory?

Although with them you will not be able to duplicate the screen of your laptop to your TV, external memory and a TV with a USB port can be a very practical solution if all you want is to share video, audio or photo files from your computer.

It is clear, then, that this system will not be ideal if you are interested in using your TV as a monitor while playing a computer game or if you want to stream a movie from a larger screen.

The steps to follow are very clear:

1 . Copy the video, photos or any other file you want to play to an external memory or a USB stick.

Also make sure that the format of this file is compatible with your TV. In the case of videos, the MP4 extension is almost universal, so that it can be played on most televisions.

2 . Insert the external memory or USB stick into the port of your TV.

3 . Select the corresponding channel with the help of the remote control.

4 . Also with the remote control, locate the file you want to play and hit play .