How to Connect Philips Smart TV to WiFi

phillips tv to wifi

You need an internet connection if you want to watch videos and shows on YouTube and other internet-based apps. You can connect your Phillips smart tv by using the Wifi network.

If you want to connect internet on your Phillips smart tv by using the wireless network. You need a wifi router connection or a mobile internet (by using the Hotspot).

How to turn on Wifi on your Phillips smart tv?

Follow the below instructions to turn on/off wireless on your Phillips smart tv.

1. Press on the Home icon button on your Phillips smart tv remote control.

2. Select Settings

3. Select All Settings

4. After that, select Network

5. Select Wifi and turn on.

6. Select Connect to Network option

7. Goto Wireless and select your network from the available list of Wifi network.

8. Enter your wifi network credentials to connect the internet to your Phillips smart tv.

How to Switch On with Wi-Fi (WoWLAN)

1. Press on the Home icon button on your remote control.

2. Select the Settings option.

3. Select All settings and select the Network option.

4. Select Switch On with Wi-Fi (WoWLAN) if you want to switch the tv on from your mobile device during standby mode.