You want to connect your soundbar and home media or speakers to your Panasonic smart tv for enhancing or increase your sound and enjoying with great sounds effects.

If your Panasonic tv models are 2012 or 2013, then you can’t connect your digital soundbar and speakers via analogues audio outputs feature. You can use the HDMI (Arc) and optical cable for connecting soundbar to Panasonic tv.

If you don’t sure how to pair the soundbar to Panasonic tv, then you can follow the below instructions for pairing soundbar to Panasonic smart tv.

How to connect Panasonic tv to the soundbar system

Follow the below steps to pair Panasonic tv to a soundbar via cable

Connect the soundbar to Panasonic tv via HDMI Port 2

1. Turn off your Panasonic tv and soundbar system.

2. Take the HDMI cable, connect to Panasonic tv’s HDMI port 2 and your soundbar’s HDMI port.

3. Turn on your both devices.

4. Take your Panasonic remote control and press on the App button.

5. Select the Viera link app in-app section.

6. After that, goto speaker selection option and select the Home Cinema option.

7. Now, your soundbar pair with your tv.

Pairing soundbar to Panasonic tv via optical cable

1. Turn off both devices and pair your cable with your Panasonic tv and digital soundbar or home cinema.

2. After that, take your tv remote control and goto on the main menu.

3. Select the sound option.

4. Select the tv speaker settings and set to OFF.

5. Now your speaker set on home cinema mode.