How to connect Wii to Vizio tv

wii nintendo original

The Nintendo Wii video game console is the most popular game console for gamers. You can connect your nintendo wii game console with your smart tvs such as vizio tv, hisense tv, samsung tv, lg tv, Sony tv and many other televisions brands for playing your favorite games.

You can connect your Wii console by using the composite cable input on your Vizio smart TV. The composite cable input is given on your smart TV panel such as front, back, left or right sides. It is depend on your vizio smart tv models.

If you don’t sure how to hook up a Wii to a vizio tv, then follow the below-given instructions step to step for connecting Wii to vizio smart tv.

How to set up a Wii on a Vizio TV?

1. You need to plugin your composite cable on your Nintendo Wii game console.

2. After that, Plugin the yellow or video cable into the Yellow or Green Y composite input on your smart television.

composite cable

3. You need connect white and red audio cable on the same audio port of your vizio smart tv.

4. After that, you can turn on your Wii video game console. Now, you can see on your vizio smart tv.