how to delete a tweet you retweeted
how to delete a tweet you retweeted on twitter

You can use the retweet link option for sharing something more valuable information to your fans or followers. If you are sharing a wrong retweet on your twitter account and you want to delete the retweet on your twitter account. You can follow this tutorial for how to delete retweet on your twitter account or how do you delete a retweet from Twitter.

How to delete retweets from a Twitter account

If you don’t know how to delete retweet from the Twitter, then follow the below steps to remove or delete a retweet from your Twitter account.

  1. Open the Twitter website on your browser and Log in to your account by entering your twitter’s credentials.
  2. After that, click on the Tweets option which shows nearby your profile pictures.
  3. Go to your retweet link which you want to remove from your Tweets list.
  4. A retweet button icon show green on your retweets link. take your mouse pointer on retweet green icon then you show a message “Undo Retweet”. Click on the retweet button.
  5. Now your retweet link is deleted from your twitter account.
  6. If you can check the retweet is deleted or not then go to Tweets link again for checking your retweet.