How to Download Apps on Philips Smart TV

In this article, you will learn how to download applications on your Phillips Smart TV. You can install your favourite app from built-in Phillips app gallery. You can also download and install from Google plays store on your Phillips android.

The Philips App Gallery offers a wide diversity of apps. For some other countries, you’ll install the apps of a local Video Store or apps from TV telecasters in your country.

The Philips App Gallery collection of applications may vary by country or region. Some App Gallery applications are pre-presented on your TV. You can add or install more applications from the App Gallery. You will be asked to agree to the Terms and conditions. if you do not agree on  terms and conditions of your first installation. You can always agree to them later. You agree  terms and conditions of stating installation some apps will be available immediately.

How to add apps on Philips smart tv

Follow the below instructions for adding apps on your phillips smart tv.

Step1:  Turn on your philips smart tv

Step2: Internet connection on wifi

Press and setting the all select option and press ok, select the wireless and networks, Scan for available Wi-Fi networks and enter your Wi-Fi network password. Your Phillips Smart TV will let you know that it has connected to the Internet.

Step3: pre-installed applications on your Phillips Smart TV

Press the home button > select Philips collection > press app gallery and press ok to open the App gallery > Select terms and condition > press ok

Unfortunately, you cannot download applications on a Phillips TV without Android, since the downloads are made through the Google Play Store and this application, for it to exist, must have a version of Android installed.

Step5: Login to your Google account

Use your existing google account user id (Gmail address) and password login to your account

Press select  All Settings and press OK. > Select Android Settings and press OK. > click downside and select Personal > Add account and select OK. > Select SIGN IN and press OK. > With the remote control keyboard, enter your Gallery to install other apps.

Now you can enjoy the best applications for your Phillips Smart TV and its full connectivity to watch streaming videos using, for example, YouTube, Netflix and some online TV channels.