How to Enable Discord Streamer Mode

how to enable streamer mode in Discord

Discords are one of the most popular gaming platforms all around the world. Now, it is allowing to integrate the streaming service to broadcasting.

Any video gamer can create their own content by using the broadcasting their gaming sessions to other game lovers and viewers. The discord launched the streaming mode to hide the sensitive data and message during the broadcasting session.

What is discord streamer mode?

You are broadcasting your game session and content to other viewers. But sometimes, your personal message and some sensitive data appear on your viewer’s screen and fan’s screens. You can use the discord steamer mode to hide personal data and messages from the viewers during live broadcasting.

Discord Streamer mode is very helpful to prevent the leakage of your personal information and message.

What information can Discord Streamer mode hide?

The Discord streamer mode hides the four types of the pieces of information such as personal information, instant invite links, sounds, and notifications.

1. Hide the Personal Information

In this streaming mode, it will be prevented and hide from other viewers by seeing personal information like email, linked accounts, and discord tags.

2. Hide instant invite links

When the discord streaming mode enables, then the viewer can’t see the invitation code that displays on your screen.

3. Disable Sounds

This option disable all sounds coming from your Discord and some sound desktop sounds also.

4. Disable Notifications:

This option blocks all the notifications of Discord and Desktop or computer appear on screen from on viewers.

How to enable Discord Streamer mode?

You can activate your discord streamer mode by following a few steps for streaming your favorite games to your fans and viewers. First of all, you need to connect your streaming platforms like YouTube or Twitch and other streaming social channels. After that, you can enable OBS overlay and Discord Steamer mode. You can also use third-party apps to stream your game screen.

If you have some issues in your mind such as how to show you’re streaming on discord. Follow the below steps to enable the streamer mode in discord.

1. Integration Streaming Platform

First of all, you need to add your streaming platform channels or apps to your Discord. You can follow the below-given instructions to integrate a streaming platform.

1. First of all, you need to click on the Settings gear icon to open the Settings menu.

discord user settings

2. Click on the Connections under the Settings menu.

discord connections

3. After that, you need to go to the Server Settings.

4. Click on the Integrations menu.

discord integration

5. After that, you need to select your streaming platform which you want to sync to your Discord account.

6. After that, you need to check the Synchronize button to the next platform.

2. Enable OBS (Open Broadcasting Software)

The OBS is a free broadcasting software kit that you can connect with your Discord. The Open broadcasting software offers the chat to streaming, play discord games with voice chat, and many more other features.

You need to download the OBS software ( and install this application. The OBS will then notify you that you want to gain access to certain aspects of your Discord client. When you approve, you can edit the overlay in a way that suits you best.

3. Enable Streamer Mode

After setup everything on your discord. You can enable the Discord Streamer mode to hide sensitive data and messages. Follow the below steps to enable streamer mode:

1. First of all, Go to User settings.

2. After that, select the Streamer mode tab.

3. Now, you need to check the Enable Streamer mode option under the streamer mode section.

enable discord steamer mode

Optional: third-party applications

You can use t third-party applications to integrate with your discord. For example, if you want to moderate your chat, then you can use ‘Nightbot‘ to moderate chats. Muxy extension is essentially a Twitch extension that connects to your Discord server.


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