How to Factory Reset Xbox 360

You are using the Xbox 360 gaming console for playing the games. But your xbox 360 gaming console is not working properly, then you need to reset xbox 360 to factory settings by defaults for resolving the issues. 

If you don’t know how to reset xbox 360 to factory settings by defaults or how to wipe xbox 360 to factory settings. You can follow the below instructions for resetting xbox 360 to factory defaults.

 How to restore Xbox 360 to factory settings by defaults?

1. You need to open the Xbox Dashboard. 

2. After that, select the Settings option.

reset xbox 360 to factory settings by defaults

3. Choose the System option.

restore xbox 360 to factory settings

3. You need choose the Storage Option that will appear under the System Settings.

System Settings Menu Xbox

4. Under the storage Devices window, you will see your Memory Unit or Hard Drive. After that, you need to press on the Y on your xbox 360 controller to choose the Device Option.

5. Under the Device Option Menu, you need to select the Format for erasing all data from drive.

Device Option

6. After selecting the Format option, a format device window confirmation will appear on screen. If you want to erase all data of your Hard Drive, then choose the Yes otherwise No.

System Settings confirmation

7. Wait for sometime to complete the process of erasing. Your Xbox 360 will restart after formatting.