Many discord users have reported the discord screen share no audio issue when sharing the discord screen. Many of the methods available to fix the discord screen share audio not working problems. But, you need to check the sound by using the other apps like YouTube or iTunes and etc before fixing the discord not streaming audio problem.

If you are getting the sound from other applications, then you can follow the below steps or instructions to fix the Discord no sound issues.

How to fix discord screen share no audio issue?

If you can’t hear sound on discord screen share, then follow the below instructions to resolve the issue.

1. Discord Server Status

You can use the discord app to check your discord server status. If you are having issues, then you need to contact the discord technical support team.

2. Reboot your Computer

You can restart or reboot your computer to resolve the issues because many programs or processes are running in the background of your system. It may be the reason for the no sound from discord.

You can restart your system and check the discord audio. If you are not getting audio from Discord. You can check another method for resolving the problem.

3. Reset Discord Voice Settings

The discord voice settings may be the cause of the no sound issue. You can check the voice settings of Discord or reset all settings. Follow the below instructions to reset discord voice settings.

How to reset Discord Voice Settings?

1. Firstly, you need to run your Discord and click the on Settings gear icon.

2. After that, the Settings menu will appear on your screen. You need to click on the Voice & video option.

3. Click on the Reset Voice settings button for resetting all voice settings of your Discord.

4. After Clicking the reset voice settings, a dialog box will appear on your screen to confirm for “settings voice settings will clear all local mute and local volumes. Are you sure you want to do this?”. Click on the Ok button to reset the voice settings.

5. After that, you need to try to share a screen of discord again and test the sound.

4. Use the Discord Audio Subsystem Legacy Settings

If you are getting the issues due to hardware incompatible with your discord’s audio subsystem. You can use discord legacy audio settings to fix the discord no audio problem.

How to change discord Legacy Audio Subsystem?

1. Run your Discord.

2. Select the Settings gear icon and open it.

3. After, select the Voice & Video and open it.

4. Choose the Legacy under the Audio subsystem.

5. After selecting the Legacy option, click on the OK button to save the change.

5. Add the Program to Discord

You need to add your program which you want to stream on discord. If you didn’t add any program, then you can follow the below given instructions to add the program.

How to add a Game on Discord for sharing screen?

1. Run your Discord.

2. Click on the Settings gear icon.

3. Select the Game Activity option under the Settings menu.

4. Click on Add it! text for adding the program or game.

5. After Clicking the add it text, a drop down menu will appear on screen. Select your game or program that you want to share.

6. After choosing the Game, you need to click on the Add Game button.

7. Now, check the Overlay toggle button and make sure it is turn on.