How to fix Element Smart TV no Sound and Picture Problem

Element smart tv no sound

If you are element smart tv users. You are facing element tv no sound and no picture problems.

But, you don’t know how to fix the element tv audio problems or element smart tv picture problems. You can follow the below steps for troubleshooting your issues.

Fix the element smart tv no sound and no picture problems

Follow the below steps for resolving the element electronics tv’s no picture and sound problems

No Picture and Sound

  1. Check your TV’s cord cable is connected to your wall outlet properly.
  2. Make sure your element smart tv’s power on.
  3. Check your element tv’s picture brightness and contrast settings. Make changes on your picture tv brightness and contrast setting.

Normal Picture But No Sound

  1. Check your element smart tv’s volume.
  2. If your element tv’s sound muted. Press on MUTE button on your element tv remote.
  3. You can try to change the channel on your tv beause no sound problem my be with channel broadcast.
  4. Check your all your element tv’s audio cable is properly connected or not.

Picture Showing Slowly after Switching On

Pictture appears slowing after switching on problem is normal. This problems happen during some startup broadcasters. You need to contact your service providers for resloving this issue.

Poor Picture Colors

  1. Adjust your pitcure colors by using Menu option.
  2. You need to keep distance beetween your VCR and element smart tv.
  3. Change the another tv channel, maybe by broadcast.
  4. Check Video Cables.