How to fix Vizio costar remote not working problem

Vizio costar Remote not working Problem

If you are using the vizio costar remote for controlling your vizio smart tv or other vizio devices. But you are facing a problems your vizio co star remote not working. You can follow the below steps for fixing the vizio costar remote not working issues.

Fix Vizio Co-star remote not working problem

  1. First, you need to check your vizio costar remote control batteries. It is inserted properly or not. You can also replace your vizio costar remote control batteries with new batteries, maybe your remote battery damaged.
  2. If you are using new vizio costar remote, then you vizio remote should be on IR mode. If your remote is not IR mode then you need to press the Q key, and spacebar keys simultaneously on your remote for 10 seconds for putting your remote control on IR mode.
  3. Maybe your costar remote control is on power save mode by default. because if you are not using your costar remote recently then this function activated. If you want to turn off the power saver feature on your remote then you need to Goto Settings app and choose your device and after that go on Bluetooth.

Note: Costar is also working with many mice and USB keyboards. You can connect your mouse and keyboard to Costar’s USB port and use it.