You can play your favourite Hulu contents like tv serials, movies and other videos on your Sharp Aquos smart TV by using the Hulu app. You need to take subscribe to a plan on Hulu for watching available content.

If you want to install Hulu on a sharp smart TV, but you don’t sure how to add Hulu to sharp smart tv. Follow the below instructions to get Hulu on sharp smart tv.

How to add Hulu app to sharp Andriod tv

If you are using the Sharp Andriod tv, then you can follow the below steps to install Hulu app on your Sharp Smart tv.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your tv.
  2. Go to the search bar and type the “Hulu”.
  3. Now, some search result will appear on your Sharp smart tv’s screen. Select the Hulu app icon.
  4. After selecting the Hulu app, press on the Install button and follow all the instruction to complete the installation process of the Hulu app.
  5. After installing the Hulu app on your tv, launch your app on your Sharp TV and login with Hulu account credentials.
  6. Now, you can play your favourite content on the Hulu app.

Hulu app compatible sharp smart tv models

Sharp TV 2020 models

SHARP Android TV (CX1)

Sharp TV 2019 model

SHARP Android TV (BJ1, BL1, BN1, BW1)

Sharp TV 2018 model

SHARP Android TV (AJ1, AM1, AU1, AN1, AX1, AW1, AL1)

Sharp TV 2017 model

SHARP Android TV (UH5, US5), BH35, U45, US4, US45, W5

Sharp TV 2016 model

BH30, BK40, BTV-3201D, BW30, HW35, U40, US40, W35, XD45

Sharp TV2015 model

BH30, BW30, U30, US30, W30, XD35, XG35, XU30

Note: If your sharp smart tv is not compatible with Hulu app, then you can watch the Hulu app content by using the casting streaming devices like Roku tv, Amazon firesticks, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and many more,