The  LG Smart TV offers the chance to enjoy an experience of use that goes far beyond watching television. The LG Content Store allows access to a huge universe of entertainment options like as applications, games, premium content and movies. Both free and paid apps and games etc.

App downloads on LG Smart TVs have become very popular. Largely because of the simplicity of this task in WebOS, (the operating system of LG TVs) which has not only garnered the highest distinctions from industry and specialized media but is also one of the most valued by the users.

However, for those who still have some doubts or are new users of the brand, we prepared a tutorial on installing and uninstalling LG Smart tv apps which help to download, installing or deleting apps from your  LG Smart TV is even easier.

How to install an app on Lg Smart TV?

To install applications with the WebOS 3.0 operating system, the first thing you must do is make sure that your LG Smart TV has an Internet connection. For that you must press the option “Home”, then the option “Configuration”, and then “Advanced configuration” as indicated by the following icons:

lg setting iconThen you should go to the option Network

Once you check this, you must go to our Magic Control and press the “Home” icon

Then you must enter “LG Content Store

Once there you will see in the upper part different icons like as “Premium” and “Applications and games“.

These apps are shown in three categories: “Most downloaded“, “New” and “All

Then you select the App that you want to download. Click on it.

Within the tab of the app to download, you will see the information associated with its “Description”, “Size“, “Last update“, “Rating“, and “Screenshots“. There will also be the available internal memory capacity of our TV to see if we have space to install it.

After that, you can click to app for installation.

Once the App is installed you can see it and start it from your menu.

To see all the apps that we have installed, we must go to “LG Content Store” again

Then click on “My page” and there it will show all installed applications

How to uninstall an application from your LG SMART TV?

To uninstall an app, you must go to the menu, and at the end on the right. After that,  you will find the pencil icon that is the “Edit Mode”.

Then you must pose the cursor on the app and select the X button. The system will ask us if you want to Remove the App. By clicking on the “Yes” button, the app will be removed from our menu.

How to change the order in which the apps appear on the menu?

To change the order of an app in the menu, you must go to the end to the right of the menu, and there you will find the pencil icon that is the “Edit Mode“.

In “Edit Mode” you can move an app to change it in the menu. Once we do, you must press the OK button on the remote control.

To exit “Edit Mode“, just click on the “Done” button,