How to Install Udeler on Linux to download videos from Udemy

Udeler is open-source software that helps to download udemy videos on pc. You can use the udeler software to download videos from udemy. You can download full course and watch offline on your pc and other devices.

If you want to watch your udmey videos offline on your computer or Linux based system. You need to install udeler video downloader software on your Linux systems

If you don’t sure how to download and install udeler software in Linux based system. Follow the below instruction for downloading and installing udeler udemy course downloader.

How to install Udeler to download course videos from Udemy

1. Open your system terminal.

2. You need to check your system operating system configuration. It is 32 bit or 64 bit. Follow the below command for checking your system configuration

Uname -m

3. If your computer os id 64 bit, use the below command for downloading the udeler software app image on your Linux system

wget -O udeler.appimage

Note: If above link is not working then you can download files for your mac, windows and linux system directly

4. Give permission for execution for download files

chmod +x udeler.appimage

5. Install udeler program on your linux system

sudo ./udeler.appimage