how to create a logo

To get your logo – this is more important for a project than you think. Not only for industry giants, but also small businesses or website, a logo significantly supports communication. It should be included your must-do list if you are going to start your new brand or website. The logo can make your brand separate from the rest of the competitors and to win the audience trust.

Which type of logo is the suit one and what you should pay attention to if you want to create your own logo? In this post, we collect a few tips for you to reference and the online logo making tool to use.

Which logo is work for you?

There are basically three types of logos. The first one is text-based logos, such as the logos of Google and Sony. Then some are icon-based logos like Apple. The last one is text and icon combined logos, eg. Starbucks and Hamburger King.

Tips for creating a successful logo

Before you begin sketching, it is vital to be aware of the message the logo might convey. It is best to note down what the logo will be. Also, you should know that there is no recipe for the ideal logo. However, with these few tips, it will increase the chances of a successful logo.

Get a comprehensive of company logos:

Looking at other projects should lead to developing your own ideas and not copying them.

Do competitors use rather massive and clear shapes, conservative graphics or more stylish illustrations and typefaces? It’s best to think about it and plan how the project can be differentiated from the competition by the logo design.

Focus on the core message of the logo:

Does the core message have a kind of “personality”? Is she more serious or happy? What makes them unique in terms of competitors? Above all, it makes sense to focus on the target group! For which target group should a logo be created? All these questions are at the heart of good logo design.

Does the core message have a kind of “personality”? What makes them unique in terms of competitors? Above all, it makes sense to focus on the target group! For which target group should a logo be created? All these questions are at the heart of good logo design.

Stay simple and functional:

The logo must not be lost in small details but must be versatile, because it must be able to show on the most common intermediary. It is beneficial if you know graphics programs in logo making. A good logo is optimally easily scalable and reproducible in times of responsive design.

It is also important to remember that the logo also works in black and white because they are looking classic and luxury.

Do not blindly follow the trend:

It is better to avoid totally believe any current trend and allowing it to flow in. If you’re going to adopt a logo to the zeitgeist, you do it subtly and so that to contain the original logo framework.

Watch out for the color choice

One thing often neglected is the effect of color choice. Designing a logo in three colors may look much nicer than one with five colors. Besides, some media allow only one or two colors for printing. So you should use fewer colors, and ask yourself if really all colors are necessary and what effect should be achieved by certain colors of the design.

Let’s summarize:

  • Less is more. A good logo has to be complicated – neither in shape nor in color.
  • Plagiarism is unlawful and imitation or use of finished patterns is not recommended.
  • Sound quality should concern not only a creative idea but also its execution. The vector graphics are now considered standard – it must not be waived.

Well, let move on how to make a logo with the online logo making services. In this post, we take DesignEvo logo maker as an example to show you how this kind of tool work.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is one of the leading online logo makers. It provides 10,000+ well-organized templates in various categories that can meet all your needs.

DesignEvo can also be download logo for free, but with some limitations, such as the low-resolution and sizes.

How does it work for you?

First, just access the website and land in the template page.designevo logo templates

Once you enter its template choosing webpage, you would see the popular templates showed. And then you can filter these templates categories or type the keywords to match the related ones. This tool has a high number of templates in total, but some classes are fewer choices. But as we can learn, it is continually adding templates to provide more for you to choose. Besides, with a massive stock of icons, you can select to start from scratch.

Second, personalize your logotype

logo customization

After giving a click on a category, you will see all the logos in this category, where you can choose any of them to make the edits you want. After you click on a particular logo, a pop-up window will appear asking you to type the company names and slogan, then click Get Started or you can ignore it by pressing Skip.

You will then be redirected to the logo editing page, where you can make any changes to the logo chosen in the previous step, whether editing on the line or adding new text to the left. You can also place icons and icons and change the background of the logo on the left of the page.

The last, save and download the logo

logo preview

Once you have made the edits and the logo has been done, you can now click the Download button to get your logo. You will then be redirected to the download logo webpage to choose the plan that suits you, whether FREE, BASIC or PLUS.  If you do need paid plan features, you can only settle for the free plan.


Hope you can get some inspiration from these tips. Also, DesignEvo is very user-friendly, so even if you have zero designing skills or any using graphics program experience, you could quickly control and design a logo effortless.