How to pair Vizio soundbar with subwoofer

If you want to pair the subwoofer with Vizio Soundbar. But, your Vizio Sound Bar won’t pair with Subwoofer or your Vizio subwoofer not working.

You can read this tutorial and follow the steps for Vizio Sound Bar Subwoofer pairing.

How do I pair my Vizio soundbar to the subwoofer

If you are facing the problems to pair your subwoofer with Vizio Sound Bar. Follow the below steps for Vizio Sound Bar subwoofer troubleshooting.

  1. Take your remote control and press on the BASS button.
  2. Adjust the bass level to center by using the PREVIOUS/NEXT button on your remote control.
  3. After that, power off both devices such as Vizio Soundbar and Subwoofer.
  4. Connect your Vizio Sound Bar to Subwoofer by using the RCA Cable.
  5. After that, power on both devices (Subwoofer and Soundbar).
  6. You can adjust the volume manually. You can refer your Subwoofer’s user manual for using the more features.
  7. You can adjust your subwoofer’s output by using the BASS Button on your Vizio control remote.