Universal remote controls, such as those made by General Electric, While the universal remote sounds like a great way to streamline your entertainment system or simply replace a broken remote, getting properly programmed can be a headache, especially if you’ve lost your manual. 

The remote control uses “programming codes” that must be entered so that it can control the devices. If you have one of them but you are missing the manual with the codes, you must use the code search option to be able to synchronize it with your appliances. Within a few tries, you should be able to program the General electric universal remote. 

 Programming code for ge universal remote

 Step1: Turn on the device you want to program. Make sure no other programmable device is turned on.

Step2: Press the code search button on the controller until the indicator light comes on after that release the code search button

Step3: Press the button for the component being programmed (TV, DVD, VCR, etc.). The LED light should blink and will stay on.

Step4: Enter the three-digit or four-digit code that corresponds to the TV, The LED should turn off if the code is valid, but will blink if it is not.

Step5: Press and release “Power” until the TV  turns off while waiting at least two seconds between each press.

Step6: Press the “Enter” or “Save” button once the remote control has effectively turned the power The LED light will turn off and the remote will now operate the device.