direct tv remote

If you are facing the difficulties in using the new DIRECTV Remote. You can follow the program DirecTV remote guides which help you get to connect and ready to go.

DirecTv remote programming is depending on which Directv remote you have. DirecTV Remote is coming in two formats such as a DIRECTV Universal Remote or a DIRECTV Genie Remote.

We have to take a guide on both DirecTV remote such as “How to Program a DIRECTV Universal Remote” or “a DIRECTV Genie Remote”

How to Program a DIRECTV Universal Remote

If you don’t know how to program DirecTV remote to TV with a Blue-ray player, DVR and other Devices. You can follow below steps to program DirecTV remote using either Manual or on-screen pairing.

Follow the steps to program a DirecTV Universal Remote with On-Screen Pairing

  1. Take your DirecTV Universal Remote, press on the Menu button.
  2. After that, select the Settings & Help option.
  3. Select the Setting icon.
  4. Select the Remote Control option.
  5. Select the  Program Remote option.
  6. Follow all on screening instruction for your DirecTV remote programming.

Follow the steps to Program a DirecTV Universal Remote Manually

IF you want to reprogram DirecTV remote manually then you can follow the below steps for DirecTV remote programming.

  1. Firstly, Turn on your receiver and TV.
  2. Find out 5 digit direct tv remote codes for your Smart TV Brand on DIRECTV’s website.
  3. Verify the mode switch on your remote is set to TV.
  4. Press the Mute and Select button at a time until the green light flashes two times on your Directv Remote.
  5. After that, enter your five digits DirecTv remote control code for next steps.
  6. You can test the connection of your remote is pointing at your tv and press on the Volume UP button. If your tv volume increases then proceed to the next steps otherwise repeat all steps using different Directv remote code. It is depending on your Smart Tv’s Model.
  7. Again press both Mute and Select button at a time until remote’s green light flashes two times
  8. After that, enter 960 code on your remote keypad. The remote green light flashes two times again.
  9. After that, You can set the switch mode to the DIRECTV positions
  10. Now, your DIRECTV Remote is pairing to your Smart TV.

How to Program a DIRECTV Genie Remote

If you are using the  DIRECTV Genie Remote and you don’t know How to Program a DIRECTV Genie Remote to TV. You can follow the below steps to programming DIRECTV Genie Remote automatically or Manually.

directv genie remote manualFollow the steps to Program a Genie Remote with Automatic Pairing

  1. Take your Genie Remote, Point to your Genie cable box.
  2. Press the both Mute and Enter buttons at a time until your Genie Remote’s light flashes green two times. Applying IR/RF Setup message is showing on your TV Screen after complete this process.
  3. Now, you can power on your device which you want to pair to your Genie Remote.
  4. After that, Press on the Menu button on your Genie Remote.
  5. Select the Settings & Help option.
  6. Select the Setting option.
  7. Select Remote Control Option.
  8. Select Program Remote
  9. After that, select your device which you want to pair with Genie Remote and follow all on-screen instruction which displays on your screen.

Follow the steps for programming DIRECTV Genie Remote manually

  1. Take your DIRECTV Genie remote, Pointing to
    your Genie cable box and press the Mute and Select button on your Genie Remote until the green light is blinking two times.
  2. After that, Enter 961 remote code on the remote keypad.
  3. Press on the Channel UP button on your Genie Remote.
  4. After that, press on the Enter Button.
  5. Your remote is now setup for RF message show on your TV’s screen then Select ok button.
  6. Turn the power on your device which you want to pair with DIRECTV Genie Remote.
  7. Press the Menu Button on your Genie Remote.
  8. Select Settings & Help > Settings > Remote Control > Program Remote
  9. Now you can Enjoy DIRECTV programming.