program rca universal remote to sanyo tv

You can use some simple and easy instructions to program your RCA universal remote to control your Sanyo TV. Remember that the specific steps may vary depending on the model of your remote, so refer to the user manual if you encounter any difficulties.

How to program an RCA universal remote to control your Sanyo TV

To program an RCA universal remote to control your Sanyo TV, you can follow these general steps or programming steps.:

  1. Turn on your Sanyo TV manually.
  2. Locate the code list for your RCA remote. You can usually find it in the remote’s user manual or on the RCA website.
  3. Find the code for Sanyo TVs in the code list. The codes are usually a series of numbers.
  4. Make sure the RCA remote is in programming mode. You may need to press and hold a specific button (e.g., “Code Search” or “Setup”) until the indicator light on the remote turns on.
  5. Enter the Sanyo TV code using the number buttons on the remote. The indicator light should turn off if you entered the correct code.
  6. Now, you need to point your remote at the TV and press the “Power” button. The TV should turn off if the code was entered correctly.
  7. Test other functions, such as volume and channel control, to ensure they work correctly.

If the first code you tried doesn’t work, you can try programming the remote using different codes from the list until you find one that works.

How to Program RCA Remote to Sanyo Smart tv by using Auto Search Method

If you can’t find the code list or if none of the codes work, you can try using the auto code search method instead.

  1. First off, you need to turn on your Sanyo TV.
  2. Put the RCA remote into programming mode by pressing and holding the “Code Search” or “Setup” button until the indicator light turns on.
  3. After that, Press the “TV” button on the remote to ensure it’s set to control your TV.
  4. Press the “Power” button on the remote and then immediately press the “Up” or “Channel Up” button repeatedly until the TV turns off. This sends a series of power codes to the TV.
  5. Once the TV turns off, press the “OK” or “Enter” button on the remote to save the code.
  6. Test the remote’s functionality by pressing the “Power” button to turn the TV on and off and trying other functions.

Remote Code List for Sanyo TV

3 digit codes

004, 048, 162, 169, 049 073, 080, 107, 180, 196, 017, 021, 039, 056, 057, 058, 052, 077, 089 

4 digit codes 

1004, 1048,  1049, 1047,  1204,  1078, 0154, 1756,  4398,  1480,  1080,  1121, 1129, 1163,  2434, 0885, 0054 3183, 1142, 0706, 0088, 3488,  2049,  0799,  0893,  1362,  3697, 3861 

5 digit codes

13183, 12434, 12049, 11756, 14398, 11142, 10885, 13488, 11362, 11480,11785, 11564, 10054

The RCA remote control codes can vary depending on the Sanyo TV model which you are using at your home.

How to Find RCA Remote Codes for Sanyo TV?

If you want to find the correct remote control code for your RCA remote and Sanyo TV, We recommend trying the following  below options:

Check the RCA Remote User Manual: 

You need to check the user manual or instruction booklet that came with your RCA universal remote control. The code list is usually provided in the manual, along with instructions on how to program the remote.

Visit the RCA Website:

You can visit the RCA website ( and search for your remote control model. They may have an online resource or support section. Here,  you can find the remote code list or programming instructions.

RCA Customer Support:

Contact RCA’s customer support directly. They should be able to provide you with the correct remote control code for your specific Sanyo TV model. You can find their contact information on the RCA website.