Amazon Prime app is more popular app to watch tv shows & series, videos and movies. But, some older Phillips tv don’t have the Amazon Prime app and no option to install app directly from the Phillips App store.

Many users arise the questions such as can i get or put amazon prime on my philips tv or how to install and watch Amazon prime videos on Phillips smart tv.

If you don’t sure how to install the amazon prime app on your Phillips tv. Follow the below instructions to download and install the app on your Phillips Android tv and Phillips Older Smart tvs.

How to download and install Amazon Prime App on Phillips tv

Nowadays, all Phillips android tv comes with the Amazon Prime app. You can download the prime app from the app store. Follow the below steps to add an app on your tv.

1. Take your Phillips android tv remote control and open the Google Play Store app.

2. Type the “Amazon Prime app” on the search input box . After that, search results will be
appeared on your tv’s screen/display.

3. Select the Amazon prime app. Click on the Install button which will be shown after selecting the app.

4. After clicking on the install button, download the process will be started.

5. Enter your Amazon Prime credentials like username and password to enjoy your favourites
tv series and shows.

How to install Prime app on Phillips older smart TVs

1. Download the arm7 processor-based apk files from your mobile phones or laptops or pcs.

2. After downloading the prime apk files, load your files into pen drive or external hard disk.

3. Connect your device with your Phillips smart tv

4. Goto on File explorer or manger.

5. Select your prime apk file and open it for installing the app on your tv.

6. Follow of all instructions to complete the installation process of Amazon prime app on your
Phillips tv.