How to reimage a computer | Windows 8 or 10

reimage your computer

You are getting an error message or slowly running your computer Windows 10 or Window 8 operating system. You can re-image a computer to boost up your operating system performance and running all operations of the program smoothly on your computer or pc.

What is reimaging a computer?

Reimaging a computer means resetting your Window 10 or Window 8 operating system on your pc or Laptop. After performing the reimaging your computer operation, then your operating system removes existing files and replace with new fresh files of Windows10 or 8. You can lose all important files and installed software during the reimage Windows 10 operation. Make a backup file on your separate hard disk before performing reimage windows 10.

How to reimage Windows 10 or Windows 8?

If you don’t sure how to reimage Windows 10 or Windows 8. Follow the below instructions step by step for a reimaging computer.

1. Turn on your pc or laptop. Click on the Start Button (A windows icon which will show on the taskbar of your computer). Search the Recovery on the search bar.

2. After selecting the Recovery, a recovery menu will appear on your computer screen. There are showing 3 option such as refresh your Pc without affecting files, Remove everything and reinstall Windows and Advanced Startup.

3. Select the Remove everything and reinstall windows and click on the Get Started button.

4. On the Next window, you need to click on Remove files and clean the drive option. This option will remove all exiting files on windows and install the Windows 8 or Windows 10 on your computer.

5. After that, Ready to reset this pc window will appear on your computer screen. Click on the Reset button to start the reimaging your computer.

6. Resetting Windows 10 or Window 8 process on progress. Please wait for complete to reimage of your computer. It may take a few minutes to complete resetting operating system files.

7. After complete Resetting, you will see a continue button on your system screen.

8. Choose the Language of your computer to set up your Windows 8/10 operating system. Follow all given instructions appear on your computer screen to set up your date format and other.

9. Now, your system is reset with fresh files.