how to reset mitsubishi tv

Mitsubishi is one of the most popular tv making brands all around the worlds. If you are an user of the Mitsubishi televison and faced issues such as your Mitisubishi tv won’t responds to your remote control or volume and picture features is not working properly. You can reset your Mitsubishi TV factory settings by default to resolve the all problems.

If you don’t sure how to reset Mitsubishi TV to factory settings by defaults. Follow the below give instructions steps by step for troubleshooting the Mitsubishi smart TV problems.

Note: If you will reset Factory setting on your Mitsubishi TV, then you may lose all settings which you set on your TV.

How to reset factory settings by defaults on Mitsubishi TV?

1. You need to press on the System or Reset button on your Mitsubishi tv panel.

2. Hold it button until green light flashes on your tv panel. The green light may be flash around 90 seconds for resetting Mitsubishi tv factory settings.

3. After resetting Mitsubishi tv process complete, the green light will stop flashing.

4. Now, you can turn on your tv by using the power button.