How to Reset Roku TV

reset roku tv

Roku TV is facing system issues like loss of audio or video playing issues or wireless connectivity problems or roku smart tv is freezing, any other functions not working, the only option is to reset your Roku tv.

To use your device, you must connect it to your Roku account, which stores all your preferences and stores your credit card information. Every purchase or rental you make through Roku goes through your account. you can use the same account when you’re using the new roku stick.

Using Roku makes it easy to stream without having to worry about the details. But sometimes the device does not work you need to check plugged instill it’s not working and plug out few minutes again to reconnect it if that not working then a factory reset is required.

How to factory reset Roku TV?

In this guide, I give detailed information on resetting your roku device soft and hard reset.

How to Reset Roku TV by Soft Reset Method?

  1. Take your Roku remote press the home button
  2. menu bar will appear to select the settings button.
  3. Choose System option.
  4. Click Advanced System Settings.
  5. Select Factory Reset.Roku Reset Factory Settings Menu Selection. Roku
  6. Press Confirm to proceed with Factory Reset and enter the special code provided Roku Factory Reset Code Entry Page. Roku
  7. The factory reset should begin.

Method 2: Reset Roku TV – Hard Reset

your Roku Tv is not supported soft reset, no need to warry you have more options to reset Roku tv here am explain hard method  reset your Roku tv

  1. search the reset button on your Roku TV
  2. Press and hold the reset button. Roku recommends doing this for about 20 seconds.
  3. your Roku device’s power indicator light will blink rapidly so your device reset is complete you can release the reset button.

Your Roku TV doesn’t have a reset button

  1. Click the Power and Mute buttons on the tv.
  2. Plug out the power cord and again plugin while holding mute and power button.
  3. your Roku tv starts to respond release the buttons.
  4. Continue with Guided Setup to re-enter your account information and settings.