seiki tv reset factory

If you are facing the issues on your Seiki tv such as Seiki tv volume not working, picture is not coming properly. You can use the Seiki tv factory reset method to resolve and troubleshooting the Seiki tv problems.

If you don’t sure how to reset Seiki tv factory settings by defaults. You can follow below given instructions for resetting Seiki smart tv factory reset.

How to reset factory setting by defaults on Seiki TV?

1. Turn power on your Seiki TV.

2. Take the Seiki tv remote control and press on the Menu button.

3. A menu will open on your seiki tv screen. Select the Setup option by using the navigation arrow keys of your remote control. Press on the OK button.

4. A setup menu will appear on your seiki tv display. Select the Restore Default option for restore the Seiki TV to factory default settings.

How to seiki tv reset factory by default

5. Follow the instructions to complete the process of seiki tv factory reset default settings. Wait for some time until to complete the process.