How To Reset Sharp Aquos TV

If you are buying a new Sharp Aquos TV and facing some problems such as sharp tv won’t turn on or Sharp Aquos screen problems. You don’t know how to reset Sharp Aquos TV without remote or with a remote.

Keep Calm! We take a simple guide on how to reset sharp Aquos tv by using Sharp Aquos factory reset or Sharp tv hard reset (i.e using the hardware concept for resetting Sharp Aquos tv).

You can read this article carefully and follow the steps for troubleshooting Sharp Aquos TV problems. You can follow any one method for resetting sharp tv.

How To Reset Sharp Aquos TV with Remote (Using your Sharp Aquos TV’s screen menu )

  1. Firstly, power on your Sharp Aquos TV.
  2. Take your Sharp Aquos TV remote and press on the MENU button,
  3. Select the Setup option by using your remote navigation arrow keys.
  4. After that, select the RESET option and press on the ENTER button on your Shart tv remote.
  5. Enter your secret access code and press the Enter button on your remote control.
  6. After that, a dialog box show, Select the YES button and press on the Enter button.
  7. Select the Yes button once more and press on the Enter button for restarting your tv.
  8. Now your tv will shut off after initializing your settings and wait for some seconds for restarting automatically.
  9. Your Sharp Aquos TV factory reset by default.

How to reset sharp tv without remote (Using Sharp tv hard reset)

  1. Firstly, Unplug your television’s power cable.
  2. Press on both button such as Channel Down and Input button at a time on your Shart tv panel.
  3. Holding both buttons and plug your TV’s power cable.
  4. After that, some assistance menu opens your tv’s screen. Select Service Mode menu by using your tv’s navigation buttons.
  5. Select the Factory reset option and press on the enter button.
  6. Wait some moments until your tv’s power back on.
  7. Now your Shart tv factory reset by default.
  8. if you facing the problems in steps 4 then unplug your tv again and repeat all the steps again.

My personal opinion, you can use the first methods for resetting your Sharp tv factory by default instead of the shart tv hard reset method.