How to stop period pain image by indy100

The period time of periods is very troublesome.  The periods’ pain cannot be eliminated because nature has put this pain on the shoulders of women with the responsibility of pursuing life. 

However,  you can try some home remedies for reducing stomach pain during periods instantly or period pain relief.

How to reduce stomach pain during periods instantly

if you don’t know how to stop stomach pain during periods, then you can try the below home remedies which help for reducing the periods’ pain.

1. Drink more water in those days 

You need to drink more water in your periods time. The drink more water helps to control the jaws in the lower part of the stomach. 

The dehydration problem is also increased at the time periods.

2. Use Ginger

Ginger contains the rich natural ingredient which helps to reduce the pain.

Take some ginger, boil in water and drink it at the time of Periods. You can also chew one piece Ginger at the time of periods’ pain.

3. Foment with hot water (Garam Paani se Sikai)

Take a warm or hot water bottle and foment with warm water bottle over your Stomach. This is a very simple and more effective way of reducing the periods’ pain.

4. Eat lightly

Don’t eat the heavy or spicy food at the time of periods.

5. Stretch

It has been observed that straining of hands and feet provides relief in turbulence and cramps during periods or menstruation.